Swaragini 25th September 2015 Written Episode

Adarsh tells his family that he got tensed hearing the noise and hid his ex girl friend in the box. The woman threatens Adarsh and asks him to give money else she will show their intimacy pics to his family. Durga Prasad says giving threat is against the law and a crime. The woman warns Durga Prasad and says she will show the photos to media. Swara asks her not to misbehave with Bade Papa, and talks about his respect. She says although Adarsh did a mistake, but we will support Adarsh in this tough time. She says I have proof against you and can send you to jail. She shows the chain. Durga Prasad says you might have understood, and my son will give answer to me. He warns her not to show her face to Adarsh or him. The woman leaves. Adarsh apologizes to Durga Prasad. Parineeta says I felt Swara is liar. She says I will never forgive you for such a big betrayal. Durga Prasad feels bad as his son had an affair forgetting his values. He apologizes to Dadi. Dadi tells she will not this news go out from this house. Durga Prasad asks her to inform Shekhar that Sanskar is innocent.

Durga Prasad says I have fallen down in my eyes, and my values, ego, upbringing on which I was proud proved wrong. He says my eldest son Adarsh made me feel low and insulted. He says God shall not let even enemy see this day. He tells Swara that his own family has hurt him, but you proved that relations are not meant by words. He says you have fulfilled the duty of a daughter in law today and apologizes to her. He blesses her for happiness by keeping hand on her head. Ragini gets upset. Swara asks him not to apologize. Everyone looks on.
Sanskar tries speaking with Swara. Swara asks what happened? Sanskar says finally you have spoken. Swara says I don’t want to talk. Sanskar says I want to thank you, and says your doings has affected me. Swara says you should not be affected.

Sanskar asks her to answer else he will not let her go. He asks why you are behaving indifferently with me. Swara says as you betrayed me. She says we were friend, then from where did love come between us. Sanskar says he loves her. Swara says you became my best friend, but you have snatched my friend from me by saying that nonsense talk. She says we will concentrate on our mission only, and will be not friends or any relation. The moment our mission is done, we will go separate ways. Sanskar says okay. He says I will not apologize for loving you as it was best moment of my life. He goes out of room. Swara comes out of room and sees Ragini standing. Sanskar looks at them.

Ragini asks you have saved Sanskar very cleverly? Did he thanked you. Swara says yes, and says you should have thanked me also. She says I would have expose you in 2 mins, but I don’t want to hurt family by revealing your truth. She says how can you stoop so low being my sister? How can you play with emotions of family members by trapping Sanskar. Ragini says you tells that you don’t care for Sanskar, but did so much for him. Swara says I always support truth. Ragini asks her to start loving Sanskar then. She says atleast Sanskar loves you and says he might accept you. Sanskar gets angry. Swara says I am surprised to see your avatar. Ragini says I love Laksh very much, and knows that you can’t back off. She says I will also not back off and says if you continue with your efforts then I will not let Maa and Baba unite. Swara says Ragini….She says you loves Laksh very much and can do anything for him. Swara says you can’t imagine what I can do to ruin your life, and asks her to be in her limits. She asks her to let their fight between the two and goes. Sanskar asks Ragini to apply balm on her wound. Ragini says this fight will be between us, and I will take your fake relation meet its logical end.

Laksh tells that he has a meeting to attend and that’s why he has to attend pooja. He says Sanskar will do the puja being married. Sanskar says he has also meeting to attend. Laksh says why is he lying as his fake marriage truth will come out. He asks them to marry before puja. Later Ragini asks Annapurna to get her sister married as per the rituals. Annapurna declares Sanskar and Swara’s marriage before Kul Devi’s pooja. Sanskar looks on shockingly.

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