Tere Sheher Mein 25th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jaz calling Kangana for her dance program. Kangana dances on Aaja Nachle………….. Sumitra gets glad seeing her. Sumitra blesses Kangana after the dance ends. Kangana goes to change. Jaz calls some donator. The thieves gang look at the donation box. Jaz calls a kids team for the dance. Pushpa and Dimple introduce Rachita to Mishra family. Rachita hears Bua using Sumitra’s post to do darshan before time and goes to her. Rachita says pandit is right, you have to wait, when bhog is done and mahurat comes, you can do darshan, its rules, and its same for everyone.

Bua says I m silent for Sumitra. Dimple asks Rachita to come. Rachita asks them to see the program and then do darshan when temple opens. Kangana asks Sumitra to keep her purse, as there is much crowd. She says its much donations for this good cause. Sumitra says people have put gold and silver coins in it too. Kangana goes. The gang looks on.

Rama is asked to call her dance partner and tells the man that she will come. Amaya looks on. The girls find Rama cute and ask for a selfie. Amaya regards him cheapo. Rama asks Amaya to click their group photo. Amaya asks why, is Suman not here. Rama says I told as they wanted. He gets Suman’s call and goes.

Amaya says he shows attitude as if he is hero. Suman apologizes and says I can’t come for dance program, I got leg sprain, its not possible. He asks her to take rest and thinks his fate is bad, what to do. The man asks Rama to go for his program. Rama says with whom will I perform, and asks the girls who complimented him. He says his dance partner did not come, would you dance. They refuse and leave. Rama sees Amaya and thinks he has to take her help. Amaya wishes him all the best. Rama says Suman could not come, you dance with him, Suman got hurt, I have seen your rehearsals, our dance steps matches. Amaya says so sad and checks his temp.

She says I m not suitable to dance with you. He says I have seen in sangeet, you dance well. She refuses. He apologizes. She asks him to apologize well. He says sorry and you are world’s best dancer, thanks a lot. She teases him. She asks him to dance alone.

Jaz announces Rama and his partner for the dance. Sumitra asks Bua to see how Rama dances. Bua says today Gupta family will be filling colors, first Kangana, now Rama and Suman. Sumitra asks about Kangana. Bua says maybe she went to have water. Rama starts dance alone. Sumitra asks where is Suman. Amaya comes and they all get shocked. Rama smiles seeing Amaya, they dance on Radha kaise na jale…………………Bua says Amaya won the challenge, she is dancing better than Kangana.

Bua says see Ramna, he is staring Amaya and smiling, I think she has mesmerized him. Everyone clap for Rama and Amaya. Sumitra unwillingly claps. The man says they danced so well that they deserve a nek from our committee head. He calls Sumitra on stage. Sumitra gives the nek. Amaya taunts Sumitra. People compliment Rama and Amaya’s pairing and dance. Rama thinks he misunderstood Amaya, she helped today, else don’t know what would have happened. Amaya thinks she knows Rama is good hearted, but he gets angry being heartbroken by what happened in marriage, he has attitude. Rama thinks Amaya brought focus in his life, and brought him from bar. She thinks they should not fight from now on. Rama thinks they should become friends. She thinks they should understand each other. He thinks they should respect each other.

Rachita coughs standing on the stage infront of the mic. Jaz asks is she fine. Amaya gets worried.

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