Sasuraal Simar Ka 26th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Indra says you dont have to be scared of me i just wanna help you people. Doorbell rings, amar opens the door its inspector. He says I need that painting back for investigations. Everyone is dazed. Pari says what they will take back? Only frame? Amar says that painting. Cops says here it is. Sankalp says its not the same painting. Inspector says it is, please take a side. When the turn the painting indra is in there. Cop says sir you said its heavy but its very light.
Shalu says painting gone? That means indra gone with them as well? Simar says no she is here. Simar says indra we know you are here. amar says she has gone with cops. Indra says wow simar i should appreciate your mind. I just sent my shadow with thee painting i am with you. She laughs.
Indra s everywhere. Mata ji says why are you playing this game with us. Indra says after three days all your worries will vanish now smile please. She says would like to rest now. Simar says the guest room is there. Indra says guest room? simar says your place. She saysi like to take bath from warm water when i wake up. Simar says that will be arranged. Indra says i like to take non-veg breakfast. Mata ji says that will be arranged to you. She says you people are so nice. Indra says good night to everyone. She says good night to sanjana.

Simar says to mata ji come with me. Simar lits a candle in temple. Mata ji says why did you say yes to her? Simar says we don’t have another option. mata ji says why does she want to help us? Indra tries to overhear them and says simar is so clever and she took mata ji there to talk. Simar says we have to find out what she is here for? We have just three days. Simar says i have thought something. She tells it to mata ji. Simar says we should find the solution in three days. You will do as i asked you. Mata ji says i trust you. i will do as you say. Lets go and rest. Simar comes out of temple. Indra disappears. Mata ji asks what happened? simar says i felt like indra is here. Mata ji says no no one is here.

Simar is asleep in her room. She sees indra’s dance in her sleep. Simar wakes up indra is sitting on her bed. Indra says iin heart you can never find out 100 years old secret. You have no idea of what is about to happen to you in three days.

Scene 3
Simar does the pooja and says please show us a way God. indra comes out dancing from her room. Indra says i showed you my dancce and you didn’t praise. Simar says we were jusst amused. She says i dont know if you like it or not. i dont know what you think of me. No one can beat me in dance. I feel insulted if my talent is not praised. simar says you dance very well. breakfast is ready.
mata ji says i am going to temple simar you serve indra and everyone breakfast.

precap-indra sees breakfast and says this is good. She says why nirmala ji went out wwhen you have temple in house? . .

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