Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naitik asking Naman to switch off the video. Akshara tells about Naitik hunting for mosquitoes. They all laugh. Everyone say their husband’s secrets. Naitik says we will see for some more time. Dadi asks everyone to sleep. Akshara says I wish our husbands were here, they would have seen how we are enjoying, they might be worried, I wish we could show then party recording. Jasmeet says we would have kept camera here. Bhabhimaa tells Bau ji and Vishwamber that she did not expect this from him. Bau ji says Naman did this. Naman says we fixed camera so that they don’t know. Naksh says we told them. Naitik says it was your plan. Naksh says but you left us.

Akshara tells everyone that Naksh messaged her. Akshara says don’t know what they have seen. Kaki says we danced so madly. Akshara says we will have our finale item now. They all come home and talk about the fun at party. Rashmi says she has to see Gayu. Akshara says I will tie Gayu’s hair. Rashmi asks Gayu to come soon for mehendi function. Gayu says it does not matter. Naitik asks Naksh to come soon, he will take rest and Naksh can help. He asks him to drop his sisters to school. Sameer’s sisters come and Naksh greets them. He says he will meet them in evening. Gayu worries and says she forgot her diary. Motaben says we came to take for Sameer and Rashmi, we came to talk about Gayu. They all get worried. Naksh goes to hear. Motaben says Sameer and Rashmi can go abroad for 6 months and we thought Gayu can stay here. Gayu hears this and gets sad. Naksh asks what happened, come.

Akshara says how can Gayu stay away from Rashmi. Devyaani says you are also a mum. Sameer’s sister says if any third person is always there, its tough for Sameer and Rashmi to be together. She says even Gayu will have problem to change schools. Devyaani says don’t worry, Gayu is smart, she will manage. Akshara says Gayu can’t study if she is kept away. Devyaani says its wrong to make Rashmi and Gayu away for marriage, Sameer knew this. Motaben says we are thinking for Gayu’s good. Akshara says it happens in marriage where couple don’t know each other. Devyaani says they mean to leave Gayu here forever. Motaben says try to understand, if you keep Gayu here, it will be good.

Akshara argues with them and says if Sameer does not want to keep Gayu with them later then what. Motaben says Gayu can create problems. Akshara asks why are you saying this. Rashmi leaves. Akshara says just Rashmi will decide on this. Rashmi calls Sameer and could not talk. Akshara comes to her and hugs her. Rashmi says how can they think this. Akshara asks why did she not take a stand against them for Gayu. Rashmi says I was scared, you explain them. Akshara says its about your life, you have to talk, you stand for yourself. Rashmi says yes, I will not marry if they don’t agree. Akshara asks her to talk to them and explain with love.

Sanju makes a plan and sees Yash. He asks is she going for movie with Karan. She says yes. He says I will come with you. She says you can come along, I could not sleep. He says you had fun. She says I m sure this was Naksh’s idea. He says yes, I m good, this is first wedding for you, ours will be next. She asks what. He says we will marry too, its our final year, why don’t we get engaged. She says I know why you are hurrying, you are insecure. He says you are misunderstanding, whats the problem, we have to marry some day. She says I don’t believe in this, maybe we won’t be together, I m not sure, we fight more than we talk, we are not made for each other.

Rashmi says she won’t go anywhere without Gayu, she will think if this is condition for marriage. Akshara says Gayu will think Sameer did this, she will think Sameer has made her away from Rashmi, Rashmi agreed to marry to give happiness to Gayu, Gayu will get sad. Sameer says this won’t happen, for us, Gayu’s happiness is first, Gayu has given me big happiness by convincing Rashmi for marriage, she will stay with us always. They all smile.

His sister asks what is he saying. He says he told them before, even then they came here to talk, he is accepting Gayu by his wish and happiness. Motaben agrees. Naitik thanks them and says no need to tell this to Gayu, we will end this matter here. Devyaani looks at Sameer.

Gayu comes to Rashmi and cries, saying Sameer uncle has beaten me. They all get shocked.

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