Tere Sheher Mein 26th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumitra being angry as ladies praise Amaya and Rama’s dance. They talk about Rachita’s good singing. Sumitra and Bua plan to stop Rachita from singing. Sumitra asks Bua to do anything. Bua says we will start now. Rachita practices singing. Jaz gives her ginger tea and asks her to drink it so that her voice gets more clear. Rachita asks the man to get a glass. Bua bribes the man and asks him to mix some liquid in the tea. The man adds it in the tea. Rachita drinks tea and starts coughing. Bua and Mohini look on. Bua says now lets enjoy her singing.

The thief stares at the donation box. Jaz says welcome Rachita on the stage for the next program. Rachita starts coughing. Jaz asks is she fine. Bua asks Sumitra to see. Rachita says I m fine. She says this song is special, Sneha used to sing this every Janmashtami, I wish Sneha was here, but unfortunately, she went to Mumbai. She coughs and holds her neck. Bua smiles.

The people think why is she not singing. Sumitra laughs. Bua says she added such medicine that she will just cough. The lady asks Rachita to sing or leave. Bua asks her to leave and taunts her. Amaya looks on. The people start getting angry. Amaya comes there and sings Maiyya yashoda………….. Rama smiles seeing Amaya. Jaz gives water to Rachita. Amaya recalls practicing this song with her sisters. Rachita and Jaz smile.

Amaya says she completed the song to save Sumitra’s name, such a bad performance in Sumitra’s supervision can’t be bad. Rachita hears this and thinks Amaya helped me to save her mum in law’s respect. Nani says now its our turn. The gang sees the donation box and sees Rama talking to inspector. Rama asks the inspector to have food, and asks for kachoris. Rama sees the man worried and spoiling the kachori. Rama says I will show you, and sees knife there. The man says its for cutting onions. Gupta asks Rama to come and see Bua’s dance. Rama goes.

Jaz says our last performance will be given by Rumjhum, Mohini and Savitri Devi. Nani is excited to dance. They pout and take selfies. Amaya comes and says sorry to say this performance can’t happen. Sumitra says what, I will see who stops them. The pandit says its time for maha aarti. Amaya says Sumitra is the head, she knows the importance of maha aarti. Sumitra agrees and asks everyone to walk towards temple. Amaya says this is tit for tat. Bua says such an insult.

The men give the keys of donation box to Rachita. She keeps keys in her purse and asks them to keep donation box, they will count the money after maha aarti. The gang looks on. Amaya, Rama and everyone are in the aarti. The man pushes Rachita and her purse falls. He apologizes. Another man takes the keys from it and give the purse to her.

Amaya does aarti. The inspector asks Rama to call his friend, he got info the gang is here, he wants Rama and his friends to help. Amaya hears them. The pandit asks Kangana to distribute Prasad when aarti ends. Rama looks for the thieves. Kangana gives Prasad to the gang before the aarti ends. The gang plans next thing and dress as constables. They inform Rama about a gang going that side and sends Rama away.

Sumitra asks Pandey to get donation box here, so that they can adorn the idol with the jewelry. The thieves take the donation box. Pandey brings the donation box and asks Rachita for keys. Rachita says I kept it in my purse, its not there. Amaya and everyone get shocked. Pandit checks the box and says it has no lock. He opens it and says its empty. They all look on shocked. Pandey gets bricks in it. The people ask how did robbery happen by such security. Nani, Bua, Sumitra start blaming Rachita and Chobey Nivaas. Rama says how did they steal, my friends and police are here.

His friend say about some constables. Rama says it means they were thieves, its about temple and Banaras’ respect. The inspector says we will find them. Rama goes with police. The media asks Sumitra about the robbery. Kangana comes there and asks them not to ask Sumitra, she is already worried, you ask police. Sumitra says yes, ask Rachita, she had the keys. Amaya thinks all the blame came on Rachita and prays.

Sumitra says she is head, she will get the thieves caught. Amaya thinks how did robbery happen.

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