Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raman coming to Shagun in the ward. The nurse says congrats Sir, all the procedures went well. Raman gives Shagun orchids. Shagun says you gifted me these when Adi was born. He thanks her and says you came as an angel for Ishita, really thanks. She says don’t say thanks, just pray that this procedure gets successful and I get pregnant. The ward boy asks Raman to sign on the papers. He asks is he Raman Bhalla. Raman says yes, do you know me. The man says yes, you had a daughter 7-8 years ago and you were very happy, distributed sweets, and made me wear your watch. Raman says how could I forget that day. The man says he has sold that watch for his child’s education and asks about his son. Raman says yes, Adi. The man says your third child will also be healthy, don’t worry Dr. Manoj is best in this procedure. Raman gives him some money. The man asks Raman to meet doctor. Raman says sure. He tells Raman that he will meet Manoj and come.

Mihir asks Abhishek what are you saying. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says how can this happen. She hugs Mrs. Iyer. Abhishek says we got her body near Ganesh pandaal and have sent it for post mortem. Raman meets Manoj. Manoj asks him to keep this file of surrogacy and also all medical reports. Raman gets his assurance again. Manoj says Shagun will have to undergo as pregnancy test. Raman says Ishita deserves this, she did not do wrong with anyone. Raman shows 22 missed calls of Ishita and talks to her.

She asks where is he. He says in meeting. She insists him to come home and cries. He asks is everything okay, what happened. She says Rinki.. He says slap her, she came home now. She says police got Rinki’s body. He gets shocked. She says come soon Raman. Raman sits in shock. Manoj asks what happened. Raman says I have to go and rushes. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Abhishek talks to Mihika. Mihika asks who has killed Rinki.

He says It looks like she was murdered. Mihika says Rinki is such a nice girl, who will murder her. He asks about Rinki’s enmity with anyone. She says I will ask Mihir. He says no, it will sound awkward, but tell me was Rinki happy with Mihir, what type of man is Mihir, we have to look at all possibilities, so I m asking this, many times husband is doubted in such situation. She says no, are you crazy, I know Mihir, he is my very good friend, you don’t know how Mihir and Rinki got married, he is a great guy, they were happy, he went US for his work.

He says we have to look for some motive. She says we should tell this to everyone. Raman comes home and consoles family. He goes to his room and cries. Ishita pacifies him. Raman says I could not take care of Rinki. He asks Ishita the name of that guy. Ishita says Kumar. Raman says I want his number, he has killed Rinki, he is lying.

Manoj and Shagun come home. She asks did he tell Raman they reached home, when will they have sonography. He says you became pregnant twice. She says I did not know at Adi’s time, I was not ready, at Ruhi’s time, I was blind in Ashok’s love and was not sure to have Raman’s baby or not, this time its Ishita’s child and I m happy. He says we started procedure in correct time, you will get pregnant. The broker comes and tells Shagun that he got a perfect flat for Shagun. She asks when can she shift. He says in two days. She says she will shift next month starting, and send token.

Raman comes home from police station and tells Ishita that Kumar was there, he did not kill Rinki, he is also worried, who else can hate Rinki. Neelu comes and says Mrs. Bhalla did not eat food and not taken medicines. Ishita and Raman console Mrs. Bhalla. Appa consoles Mr. Bhalla. Bala calls Raman and says they got Rinki’s body, body is not in good form after post mortem, so we was saying to take body to graveyard directly, you come there. Raman informs this to family. Mihir hugs Raman and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says she will come to see Rinki. Raman says no, woman don’t go there. Simmi says she will come.

Raman says fine, come. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take red saree and suhaag items, as Rinki is suhaagan. Mihir takes Mrs. Bhalla. They all cry. Raman says Mihir should stay here for few days, he is suppressing his pain inside. Ishita says I will bring him home.

Ishita goes to Mihir’s home and takes his clothes and few things to pack for his stay with them. The passport falls and she gets the ticket along it. She gets shocked and says the date is of two days ago…. He is showing as if he has come yesterday. It means Mihir has lied to us, he is in Delhi since 2 days, why did he lie, I have to tell Raman. She says I can’t Raman now, he would be in funeral, but why would Mihir lie, is he involved in Rinki’s murder…no…. Mihir can’t kill Rinki, maybe he has any reason, I will wait for Mihir and Raman, I will talk to them. The family mourns for Rinki. Adi tries to pacify Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita comes there with Mihir’s belongings. She sees Mihir upset.

Raman scolds Mihir and asks him why did he not tell them he was in Delhi since 2 days. Bala asks how did you know this. Raman says Pathak has told me that Mihir was staying her by changing his name. Ishita asks Mihir to tell Raman why did he lie to them.

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