Satrangi Sasural 28th September 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada eyes the pic of their family with arushi, in her trunk, and then thinks that she cant be the cause of any more trouble to her family, and decides to take off, packing her stuff. She finds the children playing in the room. Narmada kisses the children, and is in tears. they ask if she is going anywhere. she says that she is going to get them lots of gifts. they too excitedly ask if they can tag along. she says that where she is going, children arent allowed, and says that when she returns, she shall get lots of gifts for them. She says that she shall miss them and hence is in tears, and asks them not to tell anyone, or else the surprise shall be ruined. She leaves tearfully.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Vihaan drives on carefully but gets alert, when he hears kiara cribbing about vihaan, his mothers, the downmarket locality, he lived in. Boggled, he takes a look in the mirror, and finds her, and is shocked, as she pulls the car to a stop. The phone falls off, and they both are shocked to see each other. both are enraged, while she anrgily asks if he is here to take revenge and asks how could he stoop so low. He says that had he known, he was to be her driver, he never would have taken the job. She says that had she known he was the driver, then she would have preferred a rickshaw. He says thats exactly what it should be, as thats whats going to happen now, as he leaves the job right away. he gets down from the car. she is surprised. he starts leaving off. she goes after him, asking him if he has any humanity, as he cant leave her all alone. He says that he doesnt have any compassion or humanity, as he is a demon branded by her only. she also with pride, asks him to go, as she isnt scared, and asks him to go to hell. She says that she shall complain about him to granny, and in her fury, she takes out her phone and tries to dial, but finds that the phone isnt getting through. She doesnt find any network.

On the road, Bebo’s son hides at a distance, and thinks after seeing kiara, that his work just got easier. he calls his friends and asks them to come at GT road. Later, Kiara is surrounded by goons, who circle around her, in motorbikes. She gets tensed. bebo’s son calls up bebo that everything is happening to her plan. She congratulates him and asks him to get on with it. He cancels the call, and then comes to show his face in the light, as he eyes her leeringly thinking that the girl is cute, and while his mother enjoys her wealth, he shall enjoy her. he eys her being teased by the goons, whle she is scared. finally, one of them comes upto her, and approaches her with leering eyes. Just as he is about to touch her, vihaan comes in and stops his hand. She eyes him overwhelmingly. Watching from a distance, sunny is shocked. Vihaan fights off all the goons, while they run away. kiara pretends that she didnt need him, as she could have managed on her own, since she knows kungfu. he hollers at them to come back and get her, as he is going. She gets scared. She asks him to let be, as she knows a little kungfu. he asks her to sit quiet, as she chatters on incessantly. She presumes that he had called the goons, so that he could impress her as a hero. He asks if she thinks so. she says that she doesnt believe anyone. he asks her to get in the car, as he would drop her off at the hotel. She says that she doesnt wish to go there now, as she wants to go home. Frustrated, he says that if she opens her mouth once, he shall leave her right there, and then she can save herself from all the goons, with her kungfu. frustratedly and resignedly, she sits.

Scene 3:
Location: Kiara’s residence
As he drops her off at the hotel, she thanks him dryly, and then gets out. He comes out and gives her the keys. Kiara asks if the employer is to be given the keys, and asks him to give it to some servant. she storms inside. As kiara comes inside, Bebo finds her home safe and sound. bebo thinks that she and her son got successful in their trap. She asks kiara what happened. she talks about how she was stranded, in the goons, and then how got everyone flat and for a run. She then finds vihaan behind her, with the keys. kiara blurts out the truth, and then says that it was the driver, and then adds that she didnt get the chance to thwart them off. bebo wonders if he saved kiara then what was her son doing. kiara leaves to tell grandpa. bebo eyes vihaan sternly, who had come to give the keys. Kiara’s screams rattle them all. they rush towards there. Kiara finds granny unconscious in the bed, and gets berserk, saying that nothing can happen to him. the screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: Vihaan and kiara do a promotional ad for Laajwanti. Vihaan tells kiara to calm down as nothing is going to happen to her grandpa. She breaks down in front of vihaan, and finds solace in his arms and shoulders. bebo is surprised. vihaan is boggled as to what to do, as he raises his hands to hug and comfort her back. bebo eyes this and is tensed.

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