Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th September 2015 Written Episode

Gaura kicks Kokila and she falls on floor. Gopi picks Kokila and then pushes Gaura on floor. Dharam react, but Ahem holds him and says it is women’s fight and let them handle it. Shravan tries to interfere, but Jigar stops him. Gopi says she is taught to respect elders, but what she did to her maaji is unforgivable and if she ever tries to touch her maaji again, she will forget that she is elder and will kick her.

Gaura smiles and says she is not at mistake and Kokila is instead. Gopi says Gaura she is a culprit and was always scheming since the day she came to their house, but her maaji always loved her and boasted about her. She blamed her maaji unnecessarily, her maaji is proud of modi family and if ever she tries to insult her maaji, she will kill her. Dharam shouts, but Ahem asks him to shut up and holds his hand. Gopi continues and says she will not let her daughters stay in her house and asks Meera and Vidya to bring their bags. Vidya leaves, but Meera does not.

Gaura signals Meera. Meera goes and asks Ahem to leave Dharam’s hand. Ahem asks her to obey her mom and bring her bags. Meera says she will not leave her husband and his house and says she does not have any father now. Ahem asks what did she say. Meera says whatever he heard. Gopi comes back and asks Meera not to tell that. Vidya says she packed both her and Meera’s bags. Shravan asks her not to go. Vidya says she will not stay here. Gopi asks Meera to not get adamant. Meera says she will not come. Jigar asks her to come with them. She says Modi house is a jail and she will never come there. Gopi says if she heard what Gaura said. Meera says she heard and she hates them all and they are dead for her. Ahem tries to slap her, but Dharam holds his hand and asks dare not to touch his wife. He says he can throw him on floor, but will not as his baa’s sanskar does not allow it.

Meera gets adamant. Ahem asks why she wants to stay with already married man. She asks when he can stay with Mansi for 10 years even after marriage, how can he question her. Ahem says Dharam is of her father’s age. She says he is of father’s age, but not father and says since childhood her father ignored her always and says he failed to fulfill responsibility of a father because of this woman/Gopi. Dharam and Gaura smirk. Meera continues that Ahem neglected his daughters because of this woman and Dharam will not neglect her like he did. She repeats that she does not need a father in her life. Ahem and whole family is shocked to hear that. Gaura and Dharam smirk again.

Precap: Gaura hugs Gopi and says she is taking her one daughter, but her other daughter is with her and she will take revenge via her..

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