Jamai Raja 28th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid stopping Shabnam and tells Roshni that he will make arrangements for Shabnam stay until she goes back to Dubai. He tells it won’t be good if we kick Shabnam out of house infront of our Ayesha. He says it is a matter of some days. Shabnam smirks. Bua Dadi have food and thinks it is tasty. He looks at DD’s photo and says look where you are standing? Under one roof, your own and step daughters are standing. She says your Maasi called me snake, yes I am snake and will bite you and your family. She acts like Naagin and dances on the song Main Teri Dushman………..Just then she hears the door ring and Sid’s voice. Beeji opens the door and asks what is the matter? Sid asks her to get the guest room cleaned as Shabnam will stay here for few days. Beeji says okay. Dadi Bua says I can’t let Roshni’s step sisters stay in this house. Sid asks the servant to keep the stuff. Dadi Bua talks badly. Sid reminds her Roshni and Shabnam have same father.

Dadi bua says this house is of good people. Ayesha says where will my didi stay now. Sid says this is my home, my Papa’s home and says he will decide. He says he don’t want to insult Dadi Bua, but she instigates him to insult her. He asks her to understand and says Shabnam and Ayesha will stay here, if you have a problem then…..He asks Krutika to take care of their food. Krutika takes them inside.Dadi Bua thinks illegitimate Krutika was already here, and now these two. She says I have to kick two illegitimate now. Krutika asks Shabnam not to think much and goes to bring food for her. Shabnam asks Krutika to bring water. Dadi Bua throws water on her head. Shabnam shouts. Sid and Beeji come to her rescue and stop Dadi Bua. DD splashes ash in the water and then throws it in the pool. She says I don’t want your anything. Everyone looks on shockingly.

DD tells Roshni not to cry and apologizes to her for not been able to give her good father. She says Shiv had spent time with them which he shall spend with you. She says are you scared that I will throw Ayesha out. She says you both have decided to adopt Ayesha, and needs both parents. She says Shabnam can’t stay here. She says Shiv didn’t return and went directly to Shabnam. Roshni cries looking at DD’s mental state. Nani asks her not to cry.

Precap: Shabnam gets someone’s call and says I am coming. Sid sees her going and follows her in car. She comes to the dargah. Sid wonders why did she come to dargah so late in night..

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