Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sooraj recalling Bharat’s words about the mission. Sandhya is tied to the cross poles and is taken across the village. The people look at her. Shekhar reads the letter and says Sagarika was staying with us, she is not innocent, she is a celever police officer, a cheater, Sandhya Rathi, she fooled us. The history is given that police officers are killed by Garjana, she will be punished too, she will be locked inside the bricks wall, she will be suffocated and die, this will be lesson for others who go against Garjana. The villagers get angry on Sandhya. They untie the ropes and take Sandhya. She is made to stand inside the wall. Shekhar says Garjana is fighting with govt for our rights, Garjana is our Lord, we have to respect their decision, its their order to build walls around this woman, forget that you knew Sagarika or Sandhya. They all agree.

Sooraj comes in the village by boat. Ek ke bina…. Siya ram….. The men start making the wall. Shekhar leaves one brick and promises that they will plan their mission on 2nd oct, she will be kept alive, they left this brick place to keep her alive, she will see this ruining by her eyes, and see how her family gets killed, how Garjana wins and celebrates. Sooraj steps in the village and says Sandhya, I will find you and its test of love once again for us. The wall gets completely built.

Bharat talks to the minister and says Sandhya is caught by Garjana, they don’t have clear info about their mission on 2nd oct, they have to stop them, he wants commandos and his permission to attack Garjana. The minister says mission mahabali will be started, everything will be arranged. Bharat says Jai hind and leaves. Meenakshi looks at Lokesh and says Bhabho is not telling me anything, whats the matter Lokesh seems to be happy. Lokesh gives the catering order for 200 people. Meenakshi hears this and asks Lokesh whats going on, whats the good news. Lokesh says happiness is big and makes her eat laddoo. He says you will know everything soon and goes. She says he is clever and did not tell me. Bharat sees the video and says Sooraj’s kurta has camera, and we can see the Garjana area by this. Sooraj is taken by Garjana men.

He looks around for Sandhya. He stops seeing the walls where Sandhya is kept. Sandhya is inside the walls. Sooraj comes over there and his approaching steps make her feel his presence. Diya aur baati…………plays…………. Sooraj looks at the freshly made bricks wall. The man asks Sooraj what is he doing here, and asks him to come. Sooraj thinks he felt Sandhya is close. The men show him the house.

Bharat sees the live feed and says we have got all entry points to enter Garjana area by the cameras given to Sooraj, now we can enter there with our police force easily. Sooraj asks was anyone staying here. The man says this room is given to you now, stay here till the celebrations, give your phone. Sooraj thinks of Bharat’s words and thinks he can’t be in touch with Bharat now. He gives away the phone and they leave. Sooraj thinks how to talk to Bharat without the phone. He thinks why is this house making him feel Sandhya. He sees Sandhya in the mirror. He turns to see and sees her making bangle sounds and smiling.

Tu sooraj mai saanjh……………plays………..He holds her and kisses her forehead. He hugs her and they smile. He cries. He says whats here that pulling me towards this place, and reminding me of Sandhya. He sees the water pot empty and gets some jaggery in it. He recalls Bharat making him eat the village jaggery. He says it tastes the same which Bharat got for me, its made by Sandhya, it means Sandhya was kept here, that’s why I feel why this room looks like known, I m close to Sandhya now, I know she is close to me, I will find her. He hears a woman shouting and rushes to see there. He looks at something and gets shocked.

Shekhar sees Sooraj and goes to him. He holds his hand and checks the button. He asks is he from Pushkar. The spy camera falls down on the ground.

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