Tere Sheher Mein 28th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sumitra insulting Rachita. Rachita scolds her asking her not to waste time for insulting her, and find the thieves. Kangana asks media not to ask Sumitra. Amaya thinks how did this happen and goes out. She sees Raman willing to catch the thieves and talking to inspector. She thinks it won’t be easy and can get dangerous. She asks Rama is this necessary. Rama says yes, I have to go, its my responsibility to help police, you be here, if you get any doubt, call me. She asks him to take care. He nods and leaves. She prays for Rama’s safety.

Amaya sits in the temple to light the diya and prays that police gets the thieves. Rama gets the car and looks for the thieves. The police jeep comes there and they see thieves fainted there. Rama does not understand this. Rama wakes up the thief and asks about the jewelry. The thief says they fainted after coming here, they were robbed by some girl, she wore high heels, her one heel was broken. Amaya gets the oil box to keep diya lighted, and says how could the gang do the robbery after high security. Amaya gets a heel broken. Rama asks is he fooling them, will a woman overpower three thieves. The thief says believe us. The inspector arrests them.

Amaya says this sandal is of Kangana, did she do this robbery. She calls Rama to tell him everything. His phone does not connect. She thinks to do something, and gives the man the oil box, to put oil in diya all night and not let it blow off. She says I will show this to Sumitra and tell everything, this time Sumitra has to believe me. The inspector tells Sumitra that they did not get anything. Sumitra asks him to check their house also. Bua asks what.

Sumitra says I want thieves to be found. Rachita says she is right, check our home too. The police search both houses. Amaya comes to Sumitra. She says I think I know who did this robbery. Sumitra asks how. Amaya says I got a proof, I got this heel in donation box room, I know who wears such heel sandals, Kangana did this. She wears western clothes with high heels, she goes out at night, I have seen her many times, you always made me quiet.

Sumitra scolds her and asks how dare you blame her, why are you after her. Amaya says see this proof, this will prove the truth. Sumitra shows Kangana’s flat slippers. Amaya says she wears high heels in her modern avatar. Sumitra asks her to see the clothes, its all suits and sarees. Bua says our house is checked, police did not get anything, now police went to check Chobey family. Amaya says they are wasting time, thief is Kangana, I will give this proof to police and do my duty, its about temple jewelry.

Amaya comes there and Rachita stops everyone while she cleans broken glass. Jaz asks her to wear something. Rachita gets sandal and says its heels are broken. Amaya gets shocked and hides the heels. Rachita asks Jaz to get any other slipper. Sumitra looks on and checks the sandals. She looks at Amaya. The police does not get anything and inspector says we will leave now. Sumitrs stops them and drags Amaya. She says my bahu Amaya got a big clue near donation box. She praises Amaya and asks her to show the heel. Sumitra says Amaya got this heel and see it matches to this sandal, it belongs to Rachita.

Sumitra asks inspector to see. Inspector gets the message on walkie talkie that a girl has robbed the thieves and taken cash and jewelry by cheating them. Amaya cries for Rachita. The constable brings jewelry and cash from Chobey house. Everyone get shocked. Rachita says I don’t know about this. Sumitra scolds Rachita. Pushpa says stop it Sumitra, Rachita can’t do this even in dream. Bua asks is this a dream, Rachita had the keys. Rachita says someone is framing me. Sumitra says you mean Amaya has framed Rachita. Pushpa says Rachita is our granddaughter, why will she steal in temple. Amaya thinks she did not think Rachita will be framed, she was sure Kangana is thief.

The thief gives statement against Rachita. Rachita is in lockup and thanks Amaya for doing this.

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