Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tripurari informing Dasharath about widows agreeing to stay in hotel as Viplav suggested. Dasharath gets angry. Tripurari instigates him against Kanak and says she is responsible for Viplav stay in Ashram. He says Kanak insulted Dhaani and this made Viplav stay in the Ashram. Kanak brings water for Dasharath. Dasharath refuses to drink it and asks her to throw it in toilet. He reminds her that she is Tripathi bahu and asks her to mind her doings. Kanak looks on insulted. Dadi Sushma looks on. He asks if she understood, or he shall make her understand.



Viplav brings the widows to the hotel and tells his name Viplav Tripathi. The receptionist looks at the widow. Viplav tells him to look at the women like her mum and sister, else he will get his hotel closed. The man keys the room keys. Viplav takes them to room and says he can take other room also if they can’t adjust in one room. He switches on the AC and asks Dhaani that he has won. He says I brought all of you of out of Ashram. He says whenever you looks angry, you looks like Rakshasni….He says he will stay in other room and goes.




Dasharath tells that Viplav went to stay in Ashram because a widow was insulted by someone in the market. He tells Viplav is trying to penance for that person’s doings. He says that person is like harmful insect which is thinking big and taking own decisions without informing me. He says I have to end that dangerous insect from harming me further. He asks Sushma to make Badam halwa for him and bring in his room. Kanak understands that he is talking about her.


Dulaari gets worried and thinks whole Banaras will get to know that Viplav brought us here. Badi Amma asks her not to worry and says it is a matter of one night. Raj Lakshmi tells she is very hungry. Badi Amma says no one shall ask him to bring food and think we are fasting today. Dulaari says you are right. Viplav comes to their room and says I came to take you all out for dinner. Dulaari says we are not hungry. Badi Amma says I am fasting today. Nani says I am going to sleep now. Dhaani says if you are hungry then go and eat. Viplav says I am hungry since morning, but can’t eat when you don’t eat. Badi Amma asks him to have food and says we are really not hungry. Viplav understands that they are lying and says he will be hungry also. Badi Amma agrees. He asks everyone to come.


Dulaari asks about Dhaani. Viplav says I will bring her and tells Dhaani that he has convinced all of them. He says if you don’t eat then they will also not eat, and asks if she wants that. Dhaani says it is good if I come with you, rather than hearing your nonsense. Viplav says I know that you can’t refuse me as I am lovable. Dhaani asks do you know where you are sitting? Viplav says on sofa, and then looks at her saree pallu, says sorry and says if I knew that I would not have get up. They come to the restaurant and sees a man taunting at them. Viplav shots back at him with his words and asks him to eat silently without passing comments. Viplav asks women to sit. Nani says we can’t eat as it might be non veg restaurant. Viplav says it is veg restaurant. Everyone tell about their preference.


Viplav asks the waiter to make whatever they are ordering. The waiter serves the food and the women eat it being hungry. Viplav admires Dhaani and calls her Raj Kumari….He tells her that food is stuck on her face and asks to clean it. Badi Amma asks him to eat as well. Viplav says okay and says he will be back. Dulaari asks where to wash the hands. The waiter brings water and lemon for washing hands. Dulaari asks what is it? Raj Lakshmi says rich people might drink it. Viplav comes and asks Raj Lakshmi to stop and says this water is for washing hands. Viplav gets a call and he leaves. The waiter gives them bill. Badi Amma is shocked to see the bill exceeding 1000 Rs. Dulaari asks where did he go?



All the widows come to the Ashram and sees it painted like new. Dhaani asks what do you want? What was the need to paint the Ashram, and asks you will ask money from us. Viplav looks on surprisingly.


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