Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 29th September 2015 Written Episode

Rishab is listening to the music Nandhani comes and texts Austad Mukesh that they will not have the work shop anymore in space. Rishab asks what the matter is and she says that it is very difficult and they sometimes have to make some difficult decisions. She informs that she will try to come back early so that they can play cricket she thinks that if Manik was here and would see Rishab getting better he would be very happy. Nandhani wishes him goodbye and leaves.
Mukti is applying the d free lotion, Naviya calls her and asks what she is doing Mukti replies that she is trying her lotion because she has invited some guests and when she will come back she will tell her everything.
Nandhani rushes to the administration guy and asks for the keys but he refuses, she insists and he eventually he gives her the keys saying that if she got caught then he would not be responsible, Nandhani thanks him and leaves.
Naviya is sitting with her boss and he says that he will promote her and knows that she came for singing. He says that she will be lonely but she says that she does not have any problem because her friends always support her. He asks if she has a boyfriend and tries to get in touch with her but she makes some excuses and he says that one must not sop others from helping.
Nandhani says that it is the first time that she is checking some ones files and then gets on to look at work and when she is looking at the drivers files, Nyonika comes and stops her she asks the admin but he says that he does not know how she got them, Nyonika asks Nandhani to come to her office.
Naviya is leaving and she gets calls from people asking for the baby she gets angry and leaves for the house.
Nandhani enters the office where Austad Mukesh is sitting he asks Nandhani that she was preparing for this workshop and then she suddenly cancels it. Nyonika scolds Nandhnai and says that does she know who Austad Mukesh is and how can she do something like this. Harshad comes and tries to tell his version of what Nandhani did but Austad Mukesh gets angry and says that Space has a serious lack of discipline. Harshad leaves and Nyonka follows his advice suspending Nandhani for ten days.
Madhiam is walking and sees Nandhani he goes to her and taunts her, suddenly Aryaman comes and asks him to leave but he says that he is the body guard of Nandhani and they both then leave.
Aryaman calls Naviya and scolds her as to why did she post the ad of selling the baby on the internet and orders them to remove it. Naviya hangs up and asks Mukti to remove and they remove it. There is knock on the door and Mukti goes to find Dhruv looking for the add she pulls him in.
Madhiam is standing there and Austad Mukesh comes who says that he did not listen to him and is still performing Rock music he also says that he will not perform it while he is here and says that he will do Workshops regularly here so will be able to keep an eye on him.

Precap: Nandhani and Aryaman go to the driver which Nyonika hired that day on the blast. He tries to run but Aryaman catches him.

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