Badtameez Dil 29th September 2015 Written Episode

Suman tells Abeer that everything will be fine and hugs him. Other hand, Kuber gets news from Tayi that Meher is out of coma. Kuber throws glass of wine in anger.

All family members come to Meher and help her to take her back to home. Devki seems unhappy. Abeer jokes how Meher will do rest on bed for 15 days. She already got fat by lying down on hospital bed. No one laughs. Suman gives fake smile. Devki tells Abeer to shut and asks Tullu to take Meher home. Abeer says he’ll push the wheelchair. Meher looks at him. He says he won’t make her fall. They leave and come home. Meher is welcomed by flowers. Devki asks what’s all this? Abeer says this is to welcome his “mehboob” or love. They go inside. Abeer continues joking about the accident as they’ve got over with it which doesn’t please Devki. Meher also gets bored and asks Tullu to take her to her room. Abeer also goes along.

Meher sees her room with full of decorations and with her and Abeer’s photos. Suman and Devki come and they are surprised too. Meher gets up and looks photos closely. She goes back in her old days from Abeer proposing her to their marriage and then Kuber asking her to stop trapping his son. Abeer asks her where she got lost. Isn’t all that like how it used to be before 8 years? He decorated all by himself. He asks whether she liked it. Meher asks him why is he doing all that? Abeer says because he loves her. He knows whatever happened before 8 years wasn’t right. He knows what his dad did. He should have told everyone about selling shares. He apologizes her for everything and requests her to start their life fresh, become Abeer’s Meher again. He holds her hand and says, will you marry me? Sumar is surprised. Devki is shocked. Meher says, not possible. Abeer and Meher cannot be together again. He takes her hand back. Abeer is stunned. Sumar and Devki leave. Meher starts removing all photos from the wall. Abeer asks her what she’s doing. She says she doesn’t want any memory from her past. Abeer pulls her closer and asks whether she’s afraid that she may fall in love..again. Meher says she’s afraid of him crushing her, and leaving her alone again. She pulls herself back.

Downstairs, Devika asks by apologizing everything gets normal? Suman says she was angry with Abeer too, but they can’t ignore what Abeer did for past 15 days. They may have lost their hopes, but Abeer never lost his hope. They tried to send him away, but he still stayed there and kept praying for Meher and Meher has now returned to her house.

Meher tells Abeer that she knows he’s saying all this because he saw her in bad condition in hospital. Tomorrow they will again have some fight and then he will leave her. Then his dad will accuse her for trapping Abeer for money. Whenever she needed him, he wasn’t there. Today he’s promising to be with her for life he did some years ago, but he broke that promise. Abeer only remembers what he wants to, but she hasn’t forgotten anything. Abeer shows his humour again. Meher says him very funny and requests him to leave. Abeer says he isn’t going anywhere. From 15 days he had been praying to save his Meher and now when she’s fine, he should leave? He says she’s so selfish. He isn’t going anywhere. Neither from her life nor from that house. Meher says he can’t live there. Abeer says he will live there only, he has patched up with her saasu ma already and she knows how much he loves living in Meher’s house. This takes Meher’s in flashback when Kuber taunted her for enjoying in her sasural despite her husband leaving the house.

Precap: Flashback scene continues. Kuber goes to Abeer with divorce papers signed by Meher and 2.5 crore bill. Abeer gets furious and signs them as well.

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