Diya Aur Baati Hum 29th September 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sooraj seeing the water pot empty and getting some jaggery in it. He recalls Bharat making him eat the village jaggery. He says it tastes the same which Bharat got for me, its made by Sandhya, it means Sandhya was kept here, that’s why I feel why this room looks like known, I m close to Sandhya now, I know she is close to me, I will find her. He hears a woman shouting and rushes to see there. He says Sajni will help me, I have to meet her right now. He looks at something and gets shocked. She sees Sajni dead and people standing around. The commander cries. Sooraj recalls Sajni’s words.

He thinks how did this happen, Sajni would have taken me to Sandhya, how will I reach Sandhya now. The commander and his son mourn for Sajni. The commander tells a fake story and recalls how he has caught Sajni in the jungle. He asks is she mad to take food for Sandhya, Sandhya is Garjana and their enemy. Sajni asks him to stop lying and acting, she knows everything, he and Shekhar are Garjana men. She says Sagarika is Lord, not enemy, she has saved Chote raja’s life, let her free, for my sake. She says fine, you do what you want to do, I will do what I want to do. He asks her to stop else he will shoot. She gets shocked and asks him to kill her if he wants, but she will help Sandhya. He takes the gun and shoots her. Sajni cries and falls down.

Meenakshi rushes to tell Bhabho what Lokesh is doing. Bhabho says she is doing preparations as her bahu is coming. Meenakshi asks what. Sandhya recalls Shekhar’s words. Sooraj recalls Sajni’s death and thinks how to find out where is Sandhya. He sees Shekhar and recalls Bharat’s words. He says so this is Chandu, because of him, my Sandhya is here in big danger.

Shekhar looks at Sooraj, while Sooraj makes jalebis. Shekhar thinks he has seen him in market, how is he here. He goes to Sooraj and looks at his sleeve, holding his hand. Sooraj recalls the spy camera fixed in his sleeve. He gets tensed. Shekhar moves the sleeve and sees the red threads to his hand. He asks are you from Pushkar, as this thread is of Pushkar’s Brahma temple. Sooraj says yes, but this is from another temple, how can a small halwai go to big temple and get thread tied. He asks him to taste hot jalebis. Shekhar talks to the men. Sooraj’s spy camera falls down the sleeve. He does not see it.

Sooraj thinks where did the camera go. Shekhar asks a girl if she will work in drama, she can tell him. Shekhar steps on the spy camera. Sooraj looks at it and thinks I will be caught if Shekhar sees it. The camera gets crushed. Sooraj thinks he does not have phone and this camera, now he can’t contact police.

Its night, Sooraj recalls Sandhya and thinks where to find her. He holds the same wall and sits there. Diya aur baati……………plays………… Sandhya too sits down and is in bad state. Shekhar tells commander that missile is ready, they can hit Pushkar anytime, govt will beg to Garjana, Sandhya will be helpless and see her country’s failure. The commander says we are lucky that we have Sandhya is our clutches, its important to have her, as her hand has power to stop our missile. Shekhar says she does not know this, it will be fun, when we tell her after the attack, now she is behind the wall, neither Death nor life can reach her without our permission. We will celebrate after the attack and kill her, we have one work to do.

Bharat tells the staff that they got all entry points of the village and their commandos can enter now. Shekhar says I have be sure Sandhya dies alone. Bharat says this will be well planned attack. Garjana men will panic and run. Our army, navy and airforce will be ready, we will attack Garjana by land, water and sky, they won’t have survival chance, we will ruin Garjana Sanghatan, which will give a solid answer to other Sanghatan too. Shekhar says Indian police and govt do not know Garjana’s power, we have to do which we did not do before, we have to stop all help towards Sandhya. I have to go Delhi tomorrow. Sandhya’s presence makes Sooraj feel her. He says Sandhya.. and gets restless.

The man asks Sooraj what is he doing here at night. Sooraj says I was feeling restless, so I came to have fresh air, do you have water. The man says yes, take and puts water in his hand. Sooraj washes his face and the water goes via the open brick space to Sandhya. It falls over Sandhya’s face. Diya aur baati……………plays……….. The man asks do you know no one is allowed to come here. Sooraj asks why, is this any special wall. The man says its Garjana’s order, as behind the wall is… Garjana men come there and ask what are they doing here.

The minister asks Bharat to meet someone. Bharat turns to see and gets shocked seeing Shekhar. Sooraj lifts Chote Raja and asks him to see inside the wall. Chote Raja gets sad seeing…. Sooraj looks at the wall, while Sandhya is inside there in tied state.

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