Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th September 2015 Written Episode

Aryaman is applying the deodorant and is practicing in the jam room Nandhani calls Aryaman to come as she wants to talk. Aryaman shouts saying that Madhiam blackmailed her and she is telling him after she got suspended, Nandhani just glances at him and then says that she got the phone number of the driver and the company from the file, Aryaman asks how was she ale to do it but she says that she saw and immideatly memorized it. Aryaman says that he should handle it because it is dangerous but she says that she can handle it. She asks him to try the number but it is out of range then Aryaman sys that he will use his dad’s contacts to help her and calls him.
Madhiam is sitting with the administration guy and asks him that what did Nandhani do in the days she was president and also gives him some money after which the guy says that she was looking in the datd room for some files Madhiam then asks him to bring those files .
Naviya brings some tea for Dhruv and sys that he is looking good while smiling and he should be that way. Dhruv takes somepctures with Abir and there is a knock on the door and Naviya goes to check it followed by Mukti leaving then with open mouths.
Nandhani and Aryaman go to the transport company and aks him about the details of twenty seventh may but he refuses to give it to them. Aryaman tris to bribe hi but he sends them away and then calls Nyonika and says everything as to how Nandhani claimed to be the president of the space and wanted to look for the driver but he did not told them anything and made them leave.
Dhruv says to the police that there is nothing and it was only a misunderstanding. The police ask that did he post the dad but he says that he did not and studies with them. He asks Dhruv to leave and after this he asks them as to who the baby belogs to nd he doesnot believe Naviya when she says that she is his mother but he asks them to tell him as to who is the father of the oy.
Hshad arrives and asks Nyonika as to what the matter is and she says that she is fed up with Nandhani because she went to the transport company from where she hired the driver that night. She says that she never wanted to hurt Manik and just wanted to kill her but everything got wrong. Harshad asks her to relax but really feels happy now that Nyonika is suffering from tension. Nyonika says that she wants to live in peace. Harshad says that she will not be able to get way and will make her pay but he says that he does not want anything with her.
Aryaman meets a guy who says that he was amazed to see him so fresh and then Aryaman gives him a face wash and says that if he uses it he will also lok fresh.
Aryaman and Nandhani are sitting on the stairs and suddenly Madhiam comes and asks as to what is the problem with her and what does she need with the data files but Aryaman asks him to leave. A peon comes and says to Madhiam that Austad Mukesh is calling him in the room. He goes there and sits in the class he does not listen to the lecture but tries to make fun of hm. Another student makes fun of him and when Austad Mukesh leaves Madhiam pulls him down and says that never insult Austad Mukesh again.
Aryaman gets the details of the driver and they both take off to find the house upon reaching the house they question the guy but he makes an excuse and shuts the door.

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