Satrangi Sasural 2nd October 2015 Written Episode

S cene 1:
Location: Kyra’s residence
While kyra grieves grandpa’s death, bebo frustratedly composes her. mamji comes in asking them to stop this moruning, as rightfully the house is his now, he being the rightful heir to this property of his father and that she doesnt have a place anymore in the house. she asks how can he be so callous that he cam for his claims with grandpa not even dead for 24 hours. He callously asks her to shut up, and wrenches her by the hand to throw her off right now. bebo tries to intervene but he stops her saying that if she tries to resist then she too shall be out of the house, he being the master of this mansion now. bebo retreats. he is about to throw her out, when the lawyer comes in, seeing whom all are surprised. when mamaji gets to know that he is the lawyer and recently grandpa got a will made, he immediately strikes up and says that he should hurriedly tell everyone that his father left him everything. Bebo wonders that this was where grandpa had left his will hence she couldnt find it. The lawyer tells the family, that according to grandpa will, he says that Grandpa gives his entire property to kyra. Bebo and mamaji are shocked to hear this. Kyra asks him to get lost as this isnt his house anymore. mamaji is tensed. the lawyer says that there’s an additional clause that needs to be fulfilled. bebo remembers grandpa changing the will. He says that kyra stands a claim to this property, only if she married within a week of his death or else the entire property shall go to the trust. Kyra is shocked and apalled. she wonders how could she marry like this. he is shocked that his father didnt leave anything to him. he says that kyra cant marry in a week. he vents his frustration at his own father, and that this isnt a joke. he avenges that he wont stand this, and shall go to the court. She says that she wont let him have a penny of this, as its his hard earned money and she shall not allow gradpa to be upset. They swear to battle it out. he leaves disgusted. kyra turns to bebo and wonders why he did this, and hugs bebo, who thinks that before dying, he did a favour on her, as now she can marry her son to kyra and then rule over the property.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As vihaan eyes the mangalsutra tearfully, tears stream down his cheeks when he remembers arushi and his moments with her. granny comes and is tensed to see him like this. She asks whats this. He says that he is thinking of selling it, as he cant think of any other option, and his mind has stopped working, seeing the hospital bills amassing, and nopw that his hope of loan too has died, he doesnt have a clue how to arrange the money. he says that he feels defeated and that he is unable to keep his promise to arushi even, not being able to take care of her mothers. Granny says that it isnt like that and she hugs him saying that at times, it feels that all is lost and over, but that also is the time, when he should expect something new and fresh for a new start, and asks him to never lose hope as everything would work out. just then, manohar comes and asks him to come aside as he needs to talk. manohar tells how he had gone to the same goon, for the way he misbehaved with vihaan, and saw mamaji there, and wondered what he was doing there. he then sees him with a pic of kyra, giving them the work of kidnapping her for seven days, but not harm her, but can use her if he wants and smiels leeringly. Manohar is shocked. when vihaan hears this and doubly ensures from him, he is surprised too. vihaan says that this means kyra is in danger and that he shall have to reach before the goons come.

Scene 3:
Location: A temple
Bebo shows the kundali with her son and kyra. he asks the priest and give his consent for marriage as he cant wait. the priest eyes them tensedly, and says that the girl’s kundali has a big issue. Bebo is tensed. She is shocked to hear from the priest that whoever marries this girl shall have death looming over him, for the next 3 months. Bebo and her son are shocked. he asks if the problem shall go away, and the priest replies that within three months, the groom of this girl shall die. They are shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Kyra’s residence
Kyra says that she wont marry and thats final, and bebo makes her realise that if she doesnt, then mamaji would win the case and take all the property, and she wouldnt want grandpa turning in his grave seeing that, he is getting his share, and that he entrusted her with that responsibility. kyra is boggled wondering who shall she marry. bebo asks her not to worry as she is here and that she would get her married to a good guy, and she neednt bother about that. kyra leaves. bebo calls and asks her son if he is ready. he makes a stupid comment. she asks him to be ready and come to the priest straightaway. she fumes at his naivety.

Outside the house, in his car, mamaji asks the goons on the mobile to rush over right now, and get her but without harming. he hears a knock on the window. he pulls down the shutter and immediately receives a punch and when he turns to see who it is, he finds that its vihaan. he rushes towards kyra’s girl. mamji is frustrated.

Meanwhile, Kyra in her room wonders what was grandpa trying to tell her, as she goes through the note. She finds some silhouette going oast the room and is scared wondering who is it. she retreats back and collides into vihaan, who is coming inside the room. hastily and relieved, she hugs him thanking him for being here as she was feeling scared. He is at discomfort and tensed but then gives in for her assurance. Just then the goons come in, and vihaan asks them to get lost. Kyra meanwhile eyes a knife, and then hands it to vihaan who takes her cue and then scare them into running away. they leave hastily. Kyra says that she doesnt understand. vihaan explains everything. He then calls the police, but just then, mamaji snatches the phone away, grabbing kyra’s hand, saying that he shall kill her if he calls up. he tells vihaan that its their family matter, and asks him to leave. Kyra however struggles free and then hides behind vihaan. she asks what he wants. he says that he doesnt want her to marry for a week. She remembers grandpa against giving anything to his son. She says that she shall marry as she cant give grandpa’s property to him. Mamaji comments callously that he cant wait to see who shall marry kyra in a week. A determined Kyra remembers grandpa’s words and tells him that she shall marry vihaan. Vihaan is shocked out of his wits to hear this. mamji is surprised too. the screen freezes on Vihaan’s face.

Precap: while kyra waits anxiously in the temple, with her friends, wondering where is bebo as this was the time they were supposed to meet, and ias boggled whether this marriage shall happen today or not. Meanwhile, in the house, bebo tries to emotionally blackmail vihaan, into thinking that his mother is on the deathbed and that she shall be denied immediate surgery if he isnt able to pay the money. just then, mini calls up, asking vihaan hurriedly that the doctors are waiting for his okay to proceed for the surgery and asks why hasnt he given his consent yet. he is depressed and distraught, wondering what to do. Finally, he takes the tough call to marry kyra to be able to arrange money to save his mother. Then kyra finally finds vihaan getting up the steps of the temple, as he walks in a daze without even realising what he is doing.

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