Tere Sheher Mein 2nd October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya feeling its special day and recollects that its Rachita’s birthday today. She gets hurt and removes the pin from her feet. Bua is angry as she did not get proper breakfast. Mohini says we will leave now, as we are not getting our fav food and Sumitra is not doing anything. Sumitra says I can’t tell you right now. Mohini says I know there is some reason, but don’t give her much freedom. Bua and Nani say the same. Sumitra asks Mohini to stay for more days. Bua says she did not get any gift for her. Mohini says I will leave and hugs Nani. She asks Sumitra not to let Amaya control her and hugs her. She leaves.

Sumitra thinks to do something and talk to Rama. Amaya goes to Chobey Nivaas and stops there recalling Rachita’s words. She wishes to see Rachita once. She sees the family blessings Rachita and wishing her happy birthday. Rachita says she does not want to celebrate her birthday, as Sneha and Gajanand are not here, Sneha used to make cake for her every year. Jaz says you love to celebrate birthday. Pushpa asks her to agree. Rachita refuses and asks them to promise they won’t arrange any surprise. They agree. Amaya cries and says I will make cake for Rachita, she did not take promise from me.

Sumitra thinks Kangana should go to Lucknow at her relatives’ house, else it can be problem, she needs some time to deal with Amaya. She goes to Kangana and likes her designs. She says she got surprise for her, Lucknow is having textile fair, its good chance for her business, she has got train tickets too. She asks her to go big cities and have good business. Kangana says thanks, but I heard the fair is not good, I will stay here and work, you are so good to think much about me, I will cancel this ticket. She shows a saree. Amaya looks on and thinks why does Sumitra want to send Kangana away, knowing Kanika is here, she should keep Kangana safe.

Rama is at the shop and recalls Amaya’s words. He says he doesn’t snore and clips his nose. The man asks him what is he doing. Rama says he is doing breath stopping exercise. The man laughs and questions him a lot. Rama says I snore, so I m practicing this. The man laughs and says once your wife, she will tease you, you are stuck. Rama says she will tease me all the life now.

Amaya starts making cake. The cake is ready and she is about to write Rachita’s name. Sumitra comes and says its good cake, how did you know its Kangana’s birthday tomorrow, you did good. Amaya says its not for Kangana, its for Rachita. Sumitra argues and says Rachita will not accept this cake. She says its no use of this hardwork, Rachita is not your own sister, she is not Rishi’s sister. Amaya says you should not say this again, Rachita will always be my sister, I don’t care about his father, we all loved her and will always love her, I love her a lot, if you try to come between us, remember. Sumitra takes the cake and gives to Gupta. He likes the cake. Sumitra asks him to keep it, till Kangana cuts the cake at night.

Amaya says I will keep this safe. Gupta praises Amaya for making a good cake. Rama buys cake for Kangana and thanks the man for opening shop late night. He plans to surprise Kangana and leaves from there. Amaya gets sad and says how will cake come now, shops will be closed now. Rama comes home and says he can’t keep cake in kitchen, he will keep it in his room.

He sees Amaya upset and wonders what happened. He goes to give cake to Sumitra and hears Sumitra telling Amaya making a good cake for Rachita and she has given it to Gupta. Rama thinks so Amaya was upset for cake, mum troubled her and now praising her. He says I should help Amaya, what to do, she helped me in Maha utsav. He gets an idea replaces cake in Gupta’s room.

Rama gives the cake to Amaya and says I know you made this for Rachita. She thanks him. He asks her to answer, he can’t understand her, she has hurt her family and now making cake for Rachita, is she really bad or just pretends, whats the matter. She says sometimes truth is dark than lies, its not simple. She goes and asks Atom to give this cake to Rachita, saying its from her most loved one, don’t tell my name. She says its Rachita’s birthday today. He says he will give. She thanks him. He leaves. She hopes Rachita like the cake and thinks she will never forget Rama’s favor.

Atom gives the cake to Rachita and they all ask him who has sent it.

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