Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sooraj plucking the herbs and recalling Sandhya’s words. He says I will free you, this is my promise. Commander tells Shekhar that its time they will attack govt, no one can stop this missile. The foreigner says two people can stop this missile, one who has remote and one whose hand has the power to stop this. Shekhar tells this to commander. Commander says he forgot to tell his name. Shekhar says don’t worry, Sandhya can’t do anything. He sets the time and tells commander that 2nd October will ruin Indian govt, everyone will have fear of Garjana, Indian govt will be helpless to bend on their knees, it will be end of their mission mahabali, its just 16 hours now, no one can stop this.

Sandhya wishes Sooraj succeeds, she has to stop the nuclear bomb in any way. Bharat goes to the lockup and gets security check. Ved asks Bhabho when will his mum come. Bhabho tells about Dushera, where Ram ji freed Sita from Raavan. She tells the story behind Diwali. Ved says Papa will get mumma and we will celebrate Diwali. Emily says Bhabho has started preparing for it, and they pack Sandhya’s clothes in the trunk. Bhabho says this box can’t have more items and removes the medals. She says if a thing gets away, another thing takes its place.

Sooraj makes the sweets. He keeps those leaves under the cloth and asks the men what are they doing here. He asks them to go out. Shekhar asks why to go out, you have many rules. Sooraj says every job can has rules. Shekhar says yes, our drama group also has rules and asks the men to go out, its big Garjana celebration. He asks Sooraj what is he making. Sooraj thinks if Shekhar sees these leaves, my plan will flop and coughs. Shekhar says you are working hard, and gives him water to drink.

Sooraj says he has taken food, he does not want cold water. Shekhar says fine, show me what are you making. Sooraj stops him and says your hands will get dirty, I will show. He shows the jalebis, laddoos, sweets. Shekhar asks him to show the other plate. Sooraj says it has dry fruits. Shekhar says just show it. Sooraj gets tensed and Chote Raja comes to call Shekhar. Shekhar asks him to go. Chote Raja takes him and looks at Sooraj. Sooraj sees the leaves.

Meenakshi talks to Bhabho and acts sweet. Bhabho asks her to clean the store room. A man comes and tells Bhabho about Meenakshi giving less fare and bad note. Meenakshi gives the fare and sends him.

Mohit says she will never change. Bhabho understands and says I know you well, what will your kids learn. Meenakshi cries and says she went to see movie, she did not lie big like Sandhya, she acted like she died and Sooraj was unwell for months, he was going to mental hospital. Lalima saved him, and now you are welcoming her. Meenakshi says don’t feel bad, but you are biased towards bahus.

Sooraj brings sweets and asks when will the dance start. The man say halwai is waiting to see dancer. A man asks for sweets. Sooraj thinks if this man eats sweets, they all will know it has leaves added in it. Sooraj stops him and says he has to keep bhog first. Sooraj asks for dancer and the man says he does not know, she may be getting ready. The Garjana men talk about wine and Shekhar said they can’t drink till the work is done. They plan to make Sandhya drink wine and laugh saying how she danced last time after drinking. Soorja hears them and gets angry. He thinks they want to make fun of Sandhya, she has to be in senses, as she has much things to go, I have to stop Sandhya from drinking wine. The men take the wine and drop the pipe inside the wall. Sooraj looks on.

Sooraj sees all the men unconscious and runs to Sandhya. He gets shocked seeing the wall broken down and Sandhya not inside. He shouts Sandhya….

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