Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 5th October 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani turns to find the driver coming at a great speed she jumps and realizes that there is something wrong in her feet. The car returns but Madhiam comes and pulls her up then they follow the driver but he gets away. He takes her to a hospital where the nurse says that he has to take good care of her he gets angry and says that he does not care what happens to her because she is not her girlfriend. When the nurse leaves Nandhani asks him that what was he doing there and he says that he was going for a party and there he found her and then says that he is leaving as he is getting late for his party.
Naviya brings something for Nandhani so that she can get well. Dhruv says and makes everyone realize that they should do something for Manik because he was there childhood friend but she met him later on eve then she is doing everything she can to fulfill Manik’s dream.
Mukti and Dhruv get in a heated argument and end up leaving the place Nandhaani tries to call them but Naviya says to her to stop doing it for sometime because sometimes things are not in their hands and work better if left untouched Nandhani finds this correct and agrees to this
Nyonika throws her phone seeing this Harshad taunts her and she says that their plan to kill Nandhani failed once again. Harshad requests her to leave him out of this , Nyonika says he cannot walk out like this and if she gets caught she will take him to jail with her and her problems are his problems. He tries to walk out but she says that she has had enough and tonight he will do only what she says.
Aryaman comes and asks Nandhani as to be her okay. She says that she is fine and why did he call her there and show up. He says that he got out getting a bottle and his car got stolen so he had to chase the thief but he got away. Then the police and all of the things took a lot of time. He asks her if she is okay and she says that she is.
Madhiam is practicing in his room and Austad Mukesh comes and says that he will come tomorrow and play a traditional instrument to teach the other students. Madhiam says that he does not want to do this but Austad Mukesh does not listen and leaves.
Mukti is taking pictures of her guitar suddenly Naviya comes and says that she made a promise that she will not sell it. Suddenly Abir starts crying and Naviya is not able to make him stop crying. Mukti repeatedly shouts at her to make him stop and then when she has no choice she starts to play the guitar seeing this Naviya gets happy and when she stops Naviya makes her realize that she should not stop doing Music because it is her passion.
She goes out and starts crying saying that she wants the music back and fab5 back in her life.

Precap: Harshad comes asks Nandhani if she was in an accident last night. He then says that Aryaman’s car is red and the car that hit her was also red so it was him because he saw the same car in the parking lot of the Collage. Then everyone begins to question him.

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