Suhani Si Ek Ladki 6th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratima talking to Suhani and asking her not to worry about Bhavna. Soumya calls Suhani and finds Sharad’s step right. Suhani says I agree, but it was too sudden. Rakhi steals something from Soumya’s room while Soumya is on call. Rags and Menka take a gift for Bhavna. Rags tells Menka that Suhani should not know this. Suhani hears this and asks what are they hiding.

Pratima asks Bhavna to focus on Anant and she knows its tough for Bhavna to forget Amit. Menka and Rags bring a gift for Bhavna. Menka talks silly. Suhani takes the gift from them being worried for Bhavna. She asks whats this. Rags asks why did she snatch gift from Bhavna. Suhani asks Rags not to behave such. Bhavna asks what did they do, they got a gift for me. Menka says Suhani is irritated as we did not give gift to Suhani. Suhani says this has something wrong, I have heard them. Bhavna asks Suhani not to get angry. Suhani says we will open this gift. Menka says not you, Bhavna has to open it. Suhani asks why, did you hide anything in this.

Suhani sees the music toy for Golu. Menka smiles. Rags asks Bhavna is she happy now. Pratima says Suhani did mistake, and sends them. Bhavna and Pratima ask Suhani why did she do this. Suhani says I m worried for Bhavna. Bhavna says I can manage on my own.

Dadi gets a call and disconnects. Dadi asks Menka and Rags to do their good work. She sends them. The man calls Dadi and says the girl is calm since yesterday night. Dadi asks him not to call her till its very necessary. Dadi tells everyone about Amit’s loss, now everything is fine, so she is thinking to keep puja. Suhani says its nice thing. Menka says Bhavna will do all arrangements.

Rakhi sees the perfume she has stolen from Soumya’s room. Lalita comes and Rakhi drops the perfume bottle. It breaks. Lalita scolds Rakhi. Suhani takes Dadi’s permission to do arrangements for puja. Later, they all attend the puja. Dadi says Suhani will do aarti. Menka asks Bhavna to do aarti. Dadi says but Suhani did all arrangements. Bhavna says yes, Dadi is right. Dadi asks Bhavna to do puja next time. Suhani does the puja. Suhani prays for Bhavna’s happiness. Menka asks Bhavna did she not feel this strange, Suhani became her Jethani and dominating Bhavna. Suhani prays that Bhavna adjusts with Sharad and this decision for Golu turns right. Rags asks Menka to just shut up. Suhani and Bhavna argue and Dadi smiles seeing Rags.

Bhavna takes care of Golu. Suhani takes Golu. She says Yuvraaj messaged and said Saurabh and Anuj have eaten much food and slept, and asked you to make light food. She goes. Rags and Menka look on and make Bhavna hear about cleaning Dadi’s room. They tell the work to Bhavna. Bhavna says she will clean Dadi’s room. Menka hugs her. Rags asks Bhavna not to help Menka, as Suhani may not like this. Bhavna says don’t worry, I will do it.

Rags says if Bhavna does not clean room well and throw away imp papers…. Menka asks why will they do so. Rags makes Suhani hear their plan to throw papers intentionally.. Suhani rushes to stop Bhavna. Rags says now it will be fun. Suhani stops Bhavna and says Rags and Menka are fooling you, let them work, if Dadi knows this, she will scold you. Bhavna says I will learn slowly, let Dadi scold, she is elder, don’t stop me for small things, I m your elder sister, don’t show you are my Jethani.

Suhani asks does she feel so, she is mistaken, I just want to save you, Menka has kept some imp paper, Rags planned this. Dadi comes and asks what… Pratima asks what happened Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani to stop it, she has heard everything. Sharad comes there. Dadi asks him to call Rags and Menka. Suhani says I m not lying, I have heard them, you check the papers. Dadi checks the papers. Rags and Menka come there. Dadi says its all useless papers in bin. Suhani gets shocked and looks at Rags and Menka.

Pratima tells Dadi that Yuvraaj and Suhani are going out for days. Dadi asks where. Yuvraaj tells the place name and Dadi is shocked.

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