Ishq Ka Rang Safed 6th October 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with a woman fainting infront of Ashram. All the widows rush to her help. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to take her to Ashram. Viplav says how can you take a stranger to Ashram, without knowing anything about her. Dhaani asks him to keep quiet and says you are also stranger for us. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to take her to Ashram. While in the Ashram, the woman tells that her husband died and her mum also died. Badi Amma asks her not to cry. The woman says her husband’s relatives let her stay at house for few days and then throws her out. She says someone said that one gets mukti in Kashi and I came here. Badi Amma says everyone has same story. She asks what is your name? The woman says Tulsi. Tulsi thanks everyone for saving her life. She says I can sleep anywhere and faints again. Dhaani says you are not burden for us, and we are bearing more burden than you. Badi Amma says you can stay with us. Viplav looks on.

Dulaari asks her to stay in room with Suwarna and Raj Lakshmi. Tulsi says she will sleep in the corner of lawn. Viplav asks her to stay in room and asks what is there in the corner. Next morning Badi amma looks at the Ashram, and asks did you clean the place? Dhaani says no. Tulsi says I have done all the work and folds her hands. Dhaani asks her not to fold hands. Dasharath prays to God and asks him to send his grand son home. Viplav is brushing his teeth. Tulsi says I didn’t see you before. Viplav says are you from Banaras. The woman says no. Dhaani says he is Ashram’s maali/caretaker. Viplav laughs and says I am not maali, but keeps an eye on all the happenings of Ashram. He asks Tulsi to move, and tells Dhaani is Shararat ki Pudiya. Dhaani says he is Rakshas. Viplav says I tried to make you smile. Dhaani asks him not to do that. Viplav says I am here because of case. They argue. Badi Amma interferes and asks Dhaani to bring flowers. She says I will make food today.

Inspector tells Dasharath that his temple are looted. He tells Ram Chaturvedi was transferred when he was about to inspect your temples. Dasharath says what do you mean? Did I get the temple things stolen. Inspector apologizes and leaves. Kanak thinks Dasharath will be troubled now.

Dhaani comes to fetch water for big barrel. Tulsi stops Dhaani from getting electric current. Everyone comes and see Dhaani saved. Viplav switches off main. He asks Tulsi, how did she know about the electric wire hanging in water. Tulsi says she saw wire and alerted Dhaani. Viplav thinks Tulsi is trying to be extra sweet and innocent, and doubts her. Dulaari thanks Tulsi for saving her daughter. Dhaani tells she is fine. Tulsi says you gave me a new life and I can’t repay for your favors. Viplav thinks she told that she is uneducated and gets suspicious.

Tripurari takes care of Durga in the hospital. Durga asks if Dasharath came to meet her. Just then he gets Dasharath’s call. Dasharath asks him to meet him urgently. Tripurari says I can’t come, and tells that his house is burnt. He says he somehow saved his Maa. He asks can you come to hospital? Dasharath says no and asks him to come urgently. Tripurari thinks about Kanak’s words.

Dhaani thanks Tulsi for saving her life. Dulaari says you did a big favor on us. Viplav asks how did you know about wire and electricity being uneducated. Tulsi says actually her husband died in the same manner. Dhaani asks Viplav to let everyone have food. Viplav asks will I get a food plate or am I punished? Raj Lakshmi asks him to take food plate. Viplav says he will eat with the plate given by Dhaani. Dhaani gives plate to Tulsi and she thanks her. Dhaani gives plate to Viplav and asks him to eat it. Tulsi says my Nani used to make tasty food like you. She says whenever I see you, I feel I got many sisters together. I feel connected to Dhaani. Badi Amma says I am your Nani and they are your sisters now. Viplav asks if she recollects anything seeing him. Dhaani says he looks like Rakshas. Viplav asks her to see. Dhaani asks him to have food. Viplav apologizes to Tulsi.

Dasharath is worried about the Inspector’s words. Tripurari says he will take care of the matter. Kanak hears them. Tripurari tells that his house is burnt and asks where do I take Maa. Shall I bring her here. Dasharath cough and is shocked. Tripurari says I am your servant and asks him to help him. Dasharath signs him to go. Kanak smirks.
While all the Ashram ladies are sleeping, Tulsi wakes up and sees everyone sleeping. She picks mobile from her stuff and goes out of room secretly. She calls someone and tells she has reached Ashram. She says this plan is good. Viplav sees her talking on phone with someone and tries to hear her plan. She sees his reflection on the wall and hides her phone. She then acts to walk during sleep. Viplav comes and calls her name. She acts and asks how did I reach here. Dhaani comes. Viplav says Did I bring you here lifting in my lap. Tulsi apologizes. Viplav says I saw this thing in films. Dhaani argues. Viplav goes to sleep.

Next morning Viplav tells Dhaani that something is wrong with Tulsi, and he heard her talking to someone on phone. Dhaani doesn’t believe him. Viplav says I will enquire about her. Dhaani stops him and he tries to go. Dhaani’s hairs gets stuck in his shirt button. They get uncomfortable. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………while Dhaani tries to free her hairs from his shirt button. When she couldn’t free her hairs, Viplav tries to free her hairs, then Dhaani tries again. The song continues to play. Viplav scares her and says Kaki has come. He laughs. Dhaani gets tensed. Tulsi comes and asks Dhaani if everything is fine. Viplav asks from where did mobile come in your stuff. Tulsi refuses to have any mobile and asks why he is asking her again and again. She says I shall leave when you are doubting me. Dhaani says you will not go anywhere, and Viplav should leave. She asks her to come to temple with her. Tulsi ask if they are going to Durga Devi Mandir. Dhaani looks on.

Raj Lakshmi sees gold coin falling from Tulsi’s stuff and shows it to Badi Amma. Viplav looks on while everyone is shocked. Tulsi looks on shocked. .

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