Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th October 2015 Written Episode

Kokila tells Gopi and Vidya they have to plan very carefully and defeat Gaura. At Gaura’s home, she asks Dharam how to get rid of Meera now. He says they can push her from cliff. She says then they both will go to jail. He holds his hand on electric switch and gets shock. Gaura gets an idea of electrocuting Meera.

At Modi house, whole family wishes Vidya best of luck. Vidya prays god and says family she will win the battle with Gaura and bring back her sister for sure.

Shravan sees Meera walking around and asks why is she here. She asks if he is jealous seeing her here. He says she is bahu of this house and can come anywhere, though Vidya left forever from here. Meera thinks why did he say like that.

Dharam tells Gaura he fixed live wire for Meera near home temple. Gaura says now nobody can stop Meera from dying. Dharam laughs with her.

Urmila gives pepper spray and knife to Vidya and asks her to use it if needed against Gaura and Dharam. Kinjal gives her mobile and asks her to use this also if needed. Vidya says papa..Kokila says she knows she wants to meet papa, but he may not meet her now, so she should go with the good luck of other family members.

Gaura comes to Meera’s room and says Vidya is not coming. Meera says she knew it and now she will go from here. Gaura asks her not to go. Dharam comes and Gaura says Meera is going. He says let her go, he does not care. Meera packs her bag and walks near door. Gaura pleads her to pray at temple, do arti and then go. Meera agrees and walks near temple barefooted. Gaura looks at live wire and tell smirking may god give peace to her soul. Just when Meera is about to step on live wire, Kokila comes with Gopi and Vidya and calls Gaura. Meera steps back.

Precap: Kokila ties Gaura to chair and warns if ever tries to harm her granddaughters, she will slit her throat and cut her head, pointing knife on her throat. Gaura gets afraid. Dharam locked into a room peeps from window.

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