Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 6th October 2015 Written Episode

Aryaman is saying something to all of them suddenly Harshad comes and says that he should be in an Indian school because he jumped from Tabbla plaiyng to Drum beating. Mukti asks him that what he wants and he ask Nandhani if she is okay. He says to Aaryaman that his car is red Aryaman says that why s he dragging his car because it was stolen. He says that it was not stolen because he saw it in the parking lot. All of them start to doubt him and say a lot of things to him regarding the accident of Manik and Cabir. They all says that he was involved in the accident and he was helping Nandhani only to gain Nandhani’s trust so that he can manipulate the investigation. Aryaman tries to explain to them that he was not the one who did this and these are all of his mind games but they do not listen. He says to Nandhani if she trusts him but she does not answer. Aryaman gets shocked seeing that no one believes him and al of them think that he is behind the death of both Manik and Cabir.
Madhiam is walking and Harshad comes and says that if he is the president then why did he not call the police but Madhiam says that he should not try to instigate people against himself and if he goes to the police then Harshad will not be seen in the academy.
Dhruv is sitting and then Aaliya comes place her hands on his eyes but he is able to guess that it is her. Then they both start talking and he says that they are finally performing and he is so happy but Aaliya does not seem happy and when he asks she says that her fashion career has finally started and now he wants her to come back hearing this he leaves.
Nandhani and Dhruv both go into the jam room and he says that he tried to talk to them but they would not listen. He starts to play and Nandhani begins to laugh when he asks her she ponts towards the front and he sees Mukti standing there. Finally Aaliya also comes and they all began to play.
Nandhani calls the o2 manager who says that he needs all of the members of fab5 and not even one less. She comes back with a sad face Mukti asks what the matter is and she says that he wants all f them. She suggests that they have a drummer but Mukti says that she cannot replace Cabir. Nandhani explains that Aryaman can play the drums so that their performance gets better but they do not agree.

Precap: Nandhani is crying where she suddenly feels someone placing a hand. She gets up to find Manik standing in front of her.

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