Diya Aur Baati Hum 6th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya being shocked seeing Himanshu. Himanshu says your fiance Himanshu, you trapped me and reached Garjana. He claps for her and praises her cleverness. Sooraj shouts Sandhya and runs in the jungle. Himanshu asks did you think you and your supporter will ruin Garjana’s plan, you will not win every time, Garjana is very strong. Sooraj says I m coming to you Sandhya. Sandhya thinks how did Himanshu come here. Himanshu says why are you shocked, you and Bharat have locked me, even then Bharat wanted to use me to free you, he got a lesson.

FB shows Bharat taking Himanshu in his jeep. Hmanshu gets conscious and sees the area. He thinks why is Bharat taking him to his village and acts like sleeping. Bharat thinks he kept Himanshu alive to use him, Himanshu is like brother for Shekhar, Shekhar will agree to my condition, now I will exchange Himanshu for Sandhya, I will make Sandhya talk to minister and tell entire truth, I have no option. Himanshu attacks Bharat. He beats Bharat and frees himself. He burns the jeep by the petrol and bids adieu to his fake sasur ji. Bharat was unconscious and maybe died. FB ends.

Sooraj looks for Sandhya. Himanshu asks Sandhya not to cry for her fake dad, he will marry her even now. She coughs. He throws water on her face. He says you are done drinking water, now we will marry, I will fulfill your wish, I will make havan kund for your marriage. He says you will be sacrificed and marry death. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s name badge in the jungle. He thinks Sandhya is close. Himanshu ties Sandhya to the tree and puts wood around her. He says congrats, you are lucky to see your own final rites. Sooraj stops Himanshu from lighting the woods and they both have a fight.

Sooraj tries to free Sandhya. Himanshu pulls him and they both beat each other. Himanshu is about to beat Sooraj with stone. Sandhya hits on Himanshu’s head by a wooden stick. Himanshu bleeds and faints. Sandhya slips and Sooraj holds her. Diya aur baati…………..plays………….. Sooraj hugs Sandhya and they cry.

Meenakshi asks Bhabho where is she going. She thinks why is Bhabho thinking so much. Bhabho says I m going temple, for bhajan, shall I go now. Meenakshi says yes, you are elder and can go anywhere, are you going to pray for Sooraj and Sandhya’s return. Bhabho says yes. Meenakshi thinks to find out. Sandhya sees the time and tells Sooraj about nuclear attack. Sooraj says I heard them, they said they will launch missile at 9am. She says we have less time. He says we have just 4-5 hours, the men will get conscious. He holds her hand. Diya aur baati…….plays………He takes Sandhya on his back and walks ahead. She smiles.

Sandhya and Sooraj come to the lab centre and she enters code. He beats a man and they get inside to stop the missile. She says where did everyone go. She sees the missile activated and tells Sooraj about this missile ruining their country. They get inside to see the foreigner and get shocked finding him dead.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that they have over six hours now, they have to deactivate the missile. She looks in the systems.

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