Qubool Hai 6th October 2015 Written Episode

Amaad trying to rape Mahira.Azaad reaches there and slaps Amaad..and takes him away from there..

Mahira feels that Azaad still loves her and she is upset that she is getting married to Amaad which she doesnt want..

Azaad thinks that after getting married to Amaad Mahira’s life will be hell.So he decides to somehow stop this marriage..

Kainaat tells the kidnapper about the location of the dolls..Chances of Sameer being the kidnapper is more now..I strongly feel so..Kainaat is let free for an hour on condition that she has to be back with the dolls otherwise he will kill Lateef and Khala..

KB is worried about Kainaat and her chamchas and Amaad about his abbu..

KB and Razia have kept Anand Kumar captive.

KB tells Amaad to touch a dupatta as some ritual.The idea of the ritual is that he would protect his wife life long…Before Amaad could touch Mahira trips and falls making the dupatta also fly.Azaad comes to hold both dupatta and Mahira…I wonder why none other than Azaad could get hold of Mahira and dupatta when Amaad, KB and Razia were standing closer to Mahira..No Azaad who was standing quite far had to run and catch..Anyways jokes apart..Khamoshiyaan song was played for trip and fall and I must say these two talk through eyes..

Amaad tells Azaad that it doesnt matter that he had caught the dupatta, at night it would be Amaad who would be removing it..Sick lines..Amaad ..thinks Mahira as his property…

KB scolds Azaad for having touched the dupatta.Azaad thinks about Amaad’s words and behaviour…and Azaad tells KB that Allah never lets anything bad to happen and it is Allah ‘s will and that he wants to get married to Mahira..

Amaad is ready for nikaah.The venue is somewhere else.Razia congratulates him.Amaad asks for his family.Razia tells they are with Azaad and they are convincing him and bringing him..Amaad is happy hearing that Azaad is in pain..

Azaad also gets ready for the nikaah.He is confused whether he is doing right or not..

Precap: Anand Kumar makes an entry at Amaad’s wedding and tells him that his bride is not Mahira..

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