Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 7th October 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani does not listen to Aryaman but leaves. Aryaman says that he s playing and they are all listening to him he then says that they should give him a chance to prove his innocence. He says that when Manik was in the hospital he was the one who wanted to face the problems before any of them because he felt guilty for what he did. They do not listen to him and he leaves.
Nandhani is in her room and she thinks that whatever Aryaman did and their friendship was a lie and was he the one who wanted to mislead the Investigation and was he the one who was behind Manik’s and Cabir’s death. She thinks that how could she trust him.
Nandhani feels a hand and looks up to find Manik standing in front of her. He says that if there is a doubt then she should close her eyes and listen to her heart because it will never lie. She hugs him and says that he was always with her but why did he leave her but he does not says anything. Nandhani opens her eyes to find no one and thinks that she has to talk to Aryaman face to face.
Mukti is sitting Naviya says that if she thinks that she is still angry at her then there is nothing like that. Mukti says that she has no idea about what happened. Mukti say that she has to block him from every place.
Aryaman is sitting with a lawyer and he says that he should wait and watch the power of law. Aryaman leaves and Dhruv and Aaliya start to follow him. He thinks while driving about what Harshad said and what all of them said.
Nandhani comes in front of his car and asks him about the truth he tries to explain but she says that he was with her when Manik left a part of her soul was broken and he helped her against all odds. He says that she will know the truth tomorrow morning. Dhruv and Aaliya come saying that he is saying that because he met the best Lawyer here and he will be able to find the truth. They take Nandhani away.
Austad Mukesh is taking the workshop and asks Madhiam to come and fix the string on his instrument then he says to him to perform another traditional instrument. Madhiam does it for a while and after some time he says that Maddy does not want this and leaves. He goes to perform the rock music in the jam room.

Precap: Manik picks up Nandhani and they both begin to dance.

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