Tashan-e-Ishq 7th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kunj comes to Alisha and ask what are you doing here? Alisha says i am sorry, when you left me, i realized what i have lost, give me one more chance, Kunj says no point of saying all this, i am marrying Twinkle, Alisha says but you love me, he says i used to love you, Usha comes there and ask what happened? Kunj says nothing and leaves with her.
Kunj and family comes to Sangeet, Leela welcomes them and praises Usha’s looks, she leaves, Manohar says to Usha that you maybe looking nice but your height is very smal than mine, you dont suite me, he leaves, Usha is hurt.
Twinkle is tensed sitting dressed in sangeet, Kunj comes, he sit beside her and looks at her, Anita comes there too. Bubbly welcomes everyone and says first performance is from my parents, Yuvi comes there dressed as dancer, he brings palanquin, Twinkle thinks why i feel bad seeing all this, Leela ask whats all this? Manohar says i have called this palanquin, Guruji asked me to send Twinkle to ashram after Sangeet ceremony in palanquin, i hope no one has problem, Leela says no problem, Yuvi smirks. Sangeet ceremony starts, Pinni, Raman, Manohar are dancing, Yuvi gives look to Twinkle, she is tensed to see him there and thinks that its Yuvi, he has made plan to kidnap me by taking me in palanquin, i have to stop his plan, Kunj sees her and thinks why she seems tensed? i just hope she doesnt get stuck in any problem, Bubbly ask Kunj and Twinkle to dance, Kunj says i cant dance, leave me, Manohar says Twinkle is getting late, she should sit in palanquin, Twinkle says if Ashram is near then why should i go in palanquin? Manohar says Guruji has me to bring you in palanquin only and i cant deny him, Twinkle comes to palanquin, Yuvi smirks, Twinkle doesnt sit in palanquin and acts like having head ache, Leela says she has not eaten anything thats why, Manohar says if she is not feeling well then let her be here, Leela says right let her rest, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi can do anything but this marriage will happen at any cost as my mother’s happiness lies in this marriage, now we have no relation.

Scene 2
Leela brings Twinkle to room and ask her to rest, she leaves, Yuvi comes in by window and says you must be thinking about me baby, she is stunned to see him, Yuvi says you thought you caught me? i pointed at you so that you know its me Yuvi, you thought i will take you away in palanquin? how would i do that as there were bouncers of Manohar outside gate, i will kidnap you now and will take you away, she says no, he does spray on her face, Twinkle faints, Yuvi brings a large garbage box, he is disguised as waiter and taking that box (in which Twinkle is kidnapped) outside home, Kunj comes to him and says i will help you, he helps Yuvi drag the box, Yuvi leaves with box, Kunj feels something fishy but doesnt stop him.
Yuvi puts Twinkle in car and gives thumbs to Anita, she is happy, he leaves with her.
Bubbly says to family that lets play dumbcharades, Nikka says thats old fashioned, Leela comes to Kunj and ask what game should we play, Kunj says i dont know, Manohar ask him to not be spoil sport, Kunj says lets play dumbcharades, Bubbly says to Kunj that Twinkle is not here so you come in our team, Alisha says i will play too, she sit beside Kunj and holds his hand, he jerks it away, Usha sees this, Anita comes there and says if you dont mind then can i play this game too, Nikka says ofcourse you can play, who will have problem with that, Anita thinks that Leela is doing time pass and doesnt know that biggest game is played with Twinkle.
Twinkle wakes up and finds herself in car, Yuvi says to Twinkle that no use of running away from me, i told you that i will kidnap you and i did, what will you do now? now when your mom will know about truth then she will get dead, Twinkle says shut up, dare you say anything about my mother, Yuvi says you cant do anything,
Kunj thinks all are enjoying here and that Twinkle is sitting in her room, i wil check her.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that you have stooped so low, today i am embarrassed of my love, Kunj was right that i am blind in love, i have lied so many times for you, i am thankful that your reality has come to fore on right time, now i will listen to my mother as she knows best for me.
Kunj comes to guys, they are fighting for money, Kunj ask what happened? man says that we were asked to bring palanquin but then we got to know that someone has already taken palanquin away but we need our money back, Kunj thinks if they have brought palanquin then whats the matter? i should check her room, Kunj comes to Twinkle’s room and doesnt find her, he finds her mobile there, he says why i feel Yuvi has done something, he has kidnapped Twinkle, i have to find her before anyone get to know anything.

PRECAP- Kunj comes to Yuvi and says when you will understand that girl’s no means NO, if you try to harass her one more time then i will kill you.

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