Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Dharma is praying in mandir, Sushim comes there and blows off fire in Havan by putting water in it, Dharma is stunned and ask whats this? Sushim says we couldnt save him, Ashok is no more, Aakramak says i have seen Ashok falling from cliff, he fell from such height that its impossible for him to be alive.. Dharma says no this cant happen, Sushim says it has happened, Dharma says this is lie, she leaves, Sushim orders to prepare for Ashok’s last ceremonies, Charu comes to him, Helena and charu smirks to him.
Ahenkara comes in terrace where Dharma is waiting for Ashok, she cries.
Sushim says to Khalatak that dont know when i will be able to last rituals of AShok.
Dharma says to Ahenkara that you know ashok will comeback to me, dont cry.
Sushim burns some wood and says i cant wait to burn his deadbody, i was always insecure in Ashok’s presence, the one who should have been Samrat is dead now, he laughs only to find Ashok coming there, Khalatak and Sushima are shocked, Ashoka song plays.
Radha comes to Dharma and says Ashok have returned.
Ashok comes in court, Dharma comes to him and is happy to see him fine, Ashok says to sushim that soldiers are killing people to snatch their land, sushim murmurs to Khalatak handle Ashok, he should not know we are involved in all this, Khalatak says to Ashok that nothing like this is happening in any city, i feel you are making fake story, we dont have any record, Sushim says say clearly what you wanna say, Khalatak says i feel Ashok have done his kidnapping, maybe he wanted money thats why he made plan with his friends of his kidnapping, Ashok says even if i needed money, i would not stop this much low, Sushim says i can trust you but why are you doing this? you wanna show all that i am not good Samrat, i am trying to accept him as brother, he says to Dharma that i dont differentiate between him and other brothers, i always think that he has same blood but Ashok always prove that he is from other world, he is doubting Khalatak who is been appointed by Bindu as he is competent, Ashok says if you dont trust me then come with me and see that city, sushim Samrat doesnt have time to go and check every house, prime minister checks all these things but you are not letting me trust him too, Khalatak is serving Bindu from many years, i cant doubt him, i have to trust him, i will not go against him, i have no doubt against him, Ashok says ok i will bring proofs of this injustice then we will talk, he leaves, Khalatak says to Sushim that we have to stop Ashok as we both know on whose orders this all is happening.
Ashok is leaving, Dharma ask where are you going? Ashok says i am going to help poor people and to fight for their rights, Dharma says this is a very big problem, i think you should wait till your father comes back then you can tell him everything, Ashok recalls how people were dying because of hunger, he says to dharma that the scene which i had seen there, the in justice, the cruelty which i have faced there, i cant wait for second after seeing all that, i am going to help them, Radha says to ashok that i can help you. Ashok ask him if a person is asked to give his land and government will him money in return, you will be asked to give your fingerprints to prove that you have given your land, right? Radha says yes, Ashok says i need to check those finger prints.
Ashok and Radha comes in record center, he ask people that he wanna see record of people who has given their land, no one listens to him, Ashok gets angry and shouts that Magdh’s prince, Bindu’s son wanna see record of people who have given their lands to government, i wanna see Shtrujeet’s signs, the man comes and says sorry to say but only Magdh’s ruler have right to see them, not the one who washes ruler’s feet, you are new prince so you dont know that its not possible, Sushim comes and slaps him, he ask did you understand that how to talk to prince, Ashok have right to know everything, give him all the records, he says to Ashok that dont worry, they will find it, when you left the court, i thought that if you are saying truth then we have to see this matter as its very serious, we cant wait for Bindu’s return, all workers check records and says we have not found any record of Shtrujeet, Ashok says i knew my friends cant lie to me, they were forced to leave their lands, man brings fingerprints of Shtrujeet and says we have got these now only, Ashok matches it with Shtrujeet’s fingerprints and says its Shtrujeet’s, sushim says to Ashok that i worry for my nation but you dont care about your father, people were blaming your father and brother and you took their side, i have a doubt if you are a even a Maurya or not, i was said that you are my brother and i accepted that btu for Magdh’s betterment i announce that Ashok is a liar Rajvanshi, he is the person who keep lying, he faked his kidnapping and tried to provoke nation, he wants people to hate me, i stoop in people’s eyes, i know you are doing all this as you wanted to become temporary Samrat, now he is trying that i do some mistake and he snatches throne from me, he doesnt understand that he is hurting people and destroying government for his needs, i temporary Sushim announce to snatch every right of being prince from Ashok, till i am Samrat, Ashok will not be allowed to involve in any matter of government, he wont be able to check any record as i doubt his intentions, writer writes this statement, Sushim says when Bindu will return, i will show him this to tell him what his new son has done behind his back, he leaves, Ashok is hurt to see Shtrujeet’s fingerprints there.

PRECAP- Voiceover says magdh is burning inbetweeen Sushim’s hatred and Ashok’s helplessness, Magdh’s savior(Ashok) will come to save it.

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