Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 7th October 2015 Written Episode

Disha takes Krisha in her arms, she then runs to Manas and says that she had gone on the wrong path, but she has now realized that nothing is better than love. She gets to Manas’s feet. Baa holds Disha up, she says that she is the daughter of this house but they kept on waiting for her for not hours but months. She didn’t call once. They are so happy seeing her back, but their old injuries are giving her enough pain. Disha cries and apologizes Baa, Baa was upset and doesn’t speak for a while. Disha runs to Ishaani, she says she is sorry. She is asking her to forgive, not for her but for their mother. She says that their mother will really be happy. Ishaani says they all liked her to come here, but a lot has changed. When her son needed her the most she wasn’t there, Parul took care of him and loved him like a mother. Disha runs to Parul and thanks Parul, she says she will never be able to return what she owes her. She goes to take Krish is her arms again, she says that he recognizes his mother even today. She gives it to Mala again, and asks what preparations are going on in the house, is it Sharman’s wedding. Chaitali says that it is Ishaani and Ranveer’s wedding and Manas… Baa interferes that it is Ranveer and Ishaani’s wedding again. Disha says this is so good, even God wants her to be a part of happiness in this house. She takes Krisha and goes to Manas. Ranveer leaves the hall, Ishaani follows him. In the room, Ranveer takes medicines. Ishaani comes in the room, she says how can Disha come back so soon. Did he see Parul’s face, how is she so afraid. She says that they must talk to Disha. RV asks if she saw Manas, how happy was he and he still loves Disha. He was against this proposal since day one, they evoked hope in Parul’s heart.
Amba says to Lakshmi that it doesn’t matter if Disha has returned. Lakshmi says she is Disha, Manas’s wife and Krish’s mother.
Ishaani says that Disha can never be a good mother, she knows her sister well. They must talk to Disha.
Amba says that they must speak to Disha, she must leave Manas and this house. Parul and Manas must get married.
Baa was listening it all outside Amba’s room. Baa comes inside and says Manas still loves Disha, this isn’t that easy. Disha is still Manas’s wife, she will not let her children go away from her. Amba says yesterday she didn’t discuss anything about Disha and today she is saying she is her child. Baa says that she can never forgive what Parul has done, Disha doesn’t has a big heart like Parul, Disha is also greedy and selfish. She says that what they can do now can not be done after Manas and Parul get married.
Ranveer says that Parul and Manas won’t get married. Ishaani says that she knows Krish needs a mother and Parul needs child, she knows that Krish cannot get a better mother than Parul. She must speak to Disha about it for sure and Manas as well. He must also think about Krish. Ranveer gets a headache, he stops Ishaani at once from speaking. He says that she wants to make his sister a maid of her sister’s child, she doesn’t want Disha to stay happy. He doesn’t care what she thinks this is final that Parul will not marry someone for a child. He takes his medicine, and leaves the room. He gets into the car and drives. Ranveer feels regretful about whatever he had said to Ishaani. Ishaani comes out, she thinks Ranveer went outside in rage and she must stop him. Ranveer thinks he must go back home, why should Ishaani suffer his strange behavior. He says I am sorry Ishaani, I am returning home. He comes home, the guard tells him that Ishaani was asking for him and went behind him. Ranveer asks which way she went, then goes looking for her. Ishaani drives thinking where is Ranveer, she needs to talk to him. Ranveer asks where is Ishaani, he needs to apologize her. Both keep on looking around on raods. Ranveer gets a head ache again. He stops driving and says if Ishaani knows about his condition she will even get worried. He feels dizzy and thinks he can’t sleep in the car, he doesn’t even want to make his family members tensed. He thinks about going to hotel and sleep. He takes some more pills. Ranveer dizzily come to the hotel, a driver comes from behind and wonders what is he doing here. He doesn’t feel well as well. He goes to make a call. Ranveer comes to the room, puts a label of do not disturb on the door and fell on the bed. Milan comes into the room looking at fainted Ranveer. He takes his bottle of pills and says these are the new medicines, he kept on replacing his medicines from Ranveers. These are the pills who kept him in mental hospital, they were given to a devil to turn him into a human, but now they will turn him into a devil. He says that Ranveer has a fever, caresses him and says he must keep sleeping. He has to get a lot of tension now, may be he don’t get time to sleep in future. He asks what difference they have, doesn’t Ranveer know? It is about muscles, shows him his arm and says his muscles are better than his. He comes to the mirror and says that Ranveer wears such boring clothes. He says that his arrival here wasn’t in his plan, but helped him by coming here. He asks if Ranveer knows who is coming here? Then smiles.

PRECAP: Milan kept a hand on Nimisha’s mouth and asked him to take time for him as well, some day. Sharman enters the room and is shocked watching him. Milan smiles at him.

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