Swaragini 8th October 2015 Written Episode

Sanskar says Maa will understand us, and knows Ragini stoop so low to get us married. Swara says we have been defeated. She says what we will do now to bring her truth? Sanskar asks her not to cry and says everything is same. Swara says we got married infront of all. What we will tell them that our fake marriage turned into real, and we made a big joke. Sanskar asks her not to tell anything to anyone, and asks her not to take tension. Swara says you are not in tension as want this marriage to happen. How can you feel what I am feeling being in unwanted relationship. Sanskar looks on. Sujata thinks she has fallen in her own pit and cries. Annapurna comes and asks why you are crying? Sujata says it is happy tears. Annapurna sees Sumi coming and greets her. She says you would have attend marriage. Sumi apologizes and says she needs to meet her Shona. Ragini calls her Maa and hugs her. She asks are you fine? She says you came late and Swara and Sanskar are married now. Sanskar holds Swara and says you said wrong. He says you loves someone. Can you be happy seeing your lover in pain. He says I want to see you happy, and removes troubles from your life. He says my life is not wrong and I will apologize to you all my life. He says I don’t want to marry you and have stopped you also, but circumstances forced us to marry. He promises her not to show any rights on her, and be her friend all their life. He says if you don’t agree then I will not stop you. Annapurna asks Ragini and Sumi to talk and goes inside.

Ragini says if you are angry with me or yourself. Sumi says I am angry with myself, for not trusting my daughter. Ragini says you can trust your daughter. Sumi says I am talking about other daughter. She asks what is our relation? Ragini says you are my mum. Sumi says if a child makes any mistake, then a mum have the right to punish and show the right way. Ragini says yes. Sumi says sure, and slaps her hard. Ragini is shocked. Sumi slaps her repeatedly. Sujata comes to Swara and Sanskar and informs them that Sumi is slapping Ragini. Swara asks Sanskar, you said Maa is unconscious. Sanskar says I lied. Shekhar said he has broken relation with Sumi and she left home. Sujata asks them to come. Annapurna comes and asks her to stop. Sumi says I respect you, but don’t interfere between us. She says Ragini have to accept her crime today. Ragini starts crying when Sumi starts slapping her repeatedly again. Swara and Sanskar come there. Sumi asks them not to interfere and asks Ragini to tell the truth. Sumi asks her to tell, how she has kidnapped her mum and made Dadi part of her plan. She asks her to tell how she forced Swara and Sanskar to marry, to turned their fake marriage into real. Annapurna asks what you are saying? Sumi says Ragini has tried to kill Swara and married Laksh. Swara acted to marry Sanskar, but she forced them to marry.

Laksh thinks about Swara’s words and is in pain. He recalls Swara’s wedding with Sanskar and cries. He recalls Ragini telling that it was Swara’s plan. He calls someone and asks the person to decorate his farmhouse for his brother and his wife as they got married. Ragini asks Annapurna to see what her mum is doing with her. She says my mum is against me. I don’t have anything left now. She asks why you are beating me? If Swara has done fake marriage then why you are punishing me. Sumi asks her to stop acting and says Swara tried to unite us. Sujata thinks Ragini should be in films. Sumi says how can you fall so low to get Laksh? She says you can do anything to get Laksh and is blinded. She says the thing which is precious to you, will go far from you and it will be a impossible dream to get it. She asks her to tell truth, and says I will not let Swara’s life be ruined. I will take Swara back home. She promises that everyone will forgive you and Laksh will accept her.

Sanskar says Ragini will never accept her defeat. Swara asks what we will do now? Sanskar asks her to prove Sumi wrong to stay in the house and expose Ragini. Sumi asks Annapurna why she will tell about Swara and Sanskar fake marriage truth, if she want to hide the truth. Swara says why you are saying same thing again and again. Sumi says Annapurna should know about your fake marriage. Swara says why you are saying that our marriage is fake. Sumi asks her to end the matter and say the truth. Swara says we have never done fake marriage. Sumi says you are proving your mum wrong today who taught you everything. Swara says what you are saying? Annapurna asks her to end the drama. She says first thing is that I don’t believe you, Ragini did so much to unite Laksh and Swara, she can’t separate them. She says I have full faith on my bahu.

Ragini says don’t know what wrong did I do. If I am wrong in your eyes, then I want to apologize to you. Annapurna tells Sumi that you and your daughter are saying two different things. We shall believe whom? Who will decide what is truth and what is not?
Laksh says I will do. He says what would have happen if they were faking marriage. He says now they are married with all the rituals. Swara is Sanskar’s wife now. He tells Sumi that if you think Swara’s life shall not ruined then it is done. He says there is only one way to rectify the mistake, for which I have done all the arrangements.

Ragini and Laksh get intimate and consummate their marriage……………while the song Mohe Rang Lagade Re plays. (It is actually Ragini’s dream)…

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