Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Thapki and Bihaan playing basketball. Thapki goes to make goal and Bihaan acts like he is hurt. She turns and he takes the ball. He does the basket by fooling him. Thapki loses. Suman and Preeti see the ball has burst and looks for diamond ring. They see the ring near Dadi’s feet and bend to take it, saying they are taking blessings. Vasundara sees the ring and says what is my diamond ring doing here. She takes the ring. Suman says maybe Vasundara got it here and forgot. Dadi says we liked the game, all thanks to Bihaan, he won over Thapki. Bihaan smiles.

Its night, Bihaan thinks where is Thapki and goes to see. He sees Thapki playing basketball in the court and plays with her. She does baskets and shows her talent. He loses. She says you ruined my life by cheat, I will not let this happen again. Nimmi and her daughter come to meet Poonam. Poonam welcomes her. Nimmi asks her to beat her with slipper and apologizes. She says she was mad to believe Diwakar and calls Aditi an angel.

Bihaan and Paan are at old stall and the man tells about 10 years anniversary of shop. Bihaan and Paan talk about Dhruv and Thapki. Bihaan gets idea to getting memories infront of them, so that they don’t get away.

Suman and Preeti see Thapki cooking. Suman says its good we got saved yesterday. Preeti says now we will get Bihaan and Thapki close. Suman says she wants to eat bhelpuri today. Thapki says I will make bhelpuri, I know making it well. Suman gets glad. Preeti asks her to make it for everyone in family. Suman says no, Thapki will get tired. Thapki says I will be glad, I will make it and bring. Preeti and Suman call Thapki awesome and leave.

Vasundara sees them and asks why are they making Thapki work more. Suman says they want to make Bihaan and Thapki close, as he likes bhelpuri. Poonam talks to Lord and prays for Thapki. Diwakar comes there and Aditi scolds him. He says he is her new neighbor, he will not go from here silently, I will not leave you all. Nimmi comes and scolds Diwakar for threatening Aditi.

Diwakar misbehaves with her and talks with disrespect. He irritates them. Bihaan puts photos on the tables and says now no one can stop Dhruv and Thapki from coming close. Thapki and Dhruv see their old pics on the table and see each other. Bihaan stays away and looks at them. Thapki asks Dhruv to move on in his life, he will be hurt doing this. Dhruv gets teary eyed. She goes. Bihaan says no use doing this, she scolded Dhruv and went. He thinks they will need something else. Dhruv takes the pics and starts leaving. Bihaan collides with him and says sorry. Dhruv picks the pics. Bihaan hides some papers and Dhruv leaves.

Dhruv scolds minister and beats him. The minister says he has kept bomb in aarti plate, Bihaan and Thapki will die. Dhruv gets shocked.

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