Sasuraal Simar Ka 9th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Prem puts hand on simar’s shoulder. Simar turns back and recalls how he behaved earlier. Prem holds her face simar gets scared. Prem says its me, why are you crying? How you got this bruise? Simar I am asking you something? how you got this bruise? Simar says in the hall downstairs, you shoved me. Prem says when did i shove you? I feel like i woke up after a long sleep. Simar hugs him in tears. Prem swipes her tears. Simar says what is happening with us. These troubles look never ending. I feel like giving up. Prem says no you can’t give up. I am here with you. We will face it together, like we always did. He kisses her forehead. Prem holds her hand. Simar says you are right, God is with us. Navratri is starting from tomorrow, nothing wrong shall happen to us.

Scene 2
Uma comes home, pari says i should bring you your favorite juice. Simar comes downstairs. Simar says I want us to celebrate navratri like always. Karuna says she is right. lets prepare for it. Everyone decorates the house. Simar sees roli’s pot. Sujata says what happened? Believe in God, she will be back with us. They all do the pooja. Simar says I vow not to eat anything until my roli is back with us and until i get the answer of what i did 100 years ago. You have to tell me these answers. Sujata says what are you saying simar. Simar says i am sure about it. Simar starts the pooja.
Prem comes and joins her. He says I am going to office. I will pick anjali and sanjana. There are some work that have to be done. Simar says take care.

Simar is on the gate. Sujata says why are you standing here? Simar says I am waiting for the kids. They should have been back an hour ago and Prem’s phone is off as well.
Simar gets a call from school. They says kids are still in school. Simar says I am coming. Simar says prem didn’t go to pick them up. Jhanvi says I am going to pick them up. Simar calls prem but his number is off.

Prem is near the cliff in a car. He says to someone why i feel like i know you. Indra is sitting next to him. Prem says since i have seen you i feel like there is some connection between us. Indra says you are right. It is about years ago. I know you will recalls everything. Prem says what will i recall? Indra holds his hand and says don’t worry. Calm your heart down. Prem holds her hand. Prem sees simar killing indra and a man. It was him. Indra says she took my everything from me in that life. Prem says what happened in that life? Tell me everything. Indra says i can’t tell anything more than this.I know there is a sea of questions in your heart. You will know everything on time. you will know why perma/simar killed us. Tomorrow has answers of all of these questions. She was given you in this life while she parted us. This is all game of fate that i had to be back from her hands. This is the start thakur. Mohini was a medium to complete this incomplete story. She says this moment has so much serenity in it like the world has stopped. We can be lost in this moment forever. We can be each others. Come thakur, come close to me. This distance of 100 years will be killed in a moment. Prem comes close to her. Inspector knocks at the window. He says what are you doing here? Prem says we were talking. Inspector says who is this woman with you? prem say she is my wife.

Precap-Prem sees indra in her room. She says I will be where you are. We will complete the dream that was left amid 100 years ago. Indra and rana thakur’s love will be infinite tonight

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