Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vasundara getting glad seeing Thapki making bhelpuri. Bihaan comes and gets an idea to send Thapki to Dhruv. He takes Dhurv’s papers and shows her. She says its imp papers of Dhruv. He says he will not take it to office and asks her to go if she wants. She goes. Bihaan tells Suman that bhelpuri is awesome. Suman and Preeti get glad that Bihaan is coming close to Thapki. Dhruv recalls his and Thapki’s moments and throws the pics in bin. Vivek tells about interview. Dhruv refuses.

Thapki comes to office and recalls how she used to work before. Vivek gets the orphan kids and tells Thapki that Dhruv cancelled the interview. Diwakar throws the garbage outside Aditi’s house and knocks the door. Aditi comes out and scolds him seeing the garbage. He argues with her and accepts he has done this, what proof she has that he has done this. He says this is just trailer, see what happens next.

Thapki comes to Dhruv and he gets teary eyed seeing her. She gives the imp papers. He says how did this papers come there, its so imp, you saved me like always. She says no, it was at home, I just came to give you. She asks about his work and tells him to come with her to take the interview of orphan kids. Suman and Preeti are glad knowing Bihaan and Thapki are not at home. Vasundara says there is bad news, Thapki is at Dhruv’s office, if you can’t being Thapki and Bihaan together, atleast keep her away from Dhruv.

Ghanshyam meets the goons and recalls how Bau ji insulted him. He gives them a small bomb and asks them to play Dandiya. They play and the bomb blasts. Ghanshyam laughs and says the dandiya sticks struck and switch got pressed, this was just trailer, think what will happen, tomorrow night will be final one for Pandey family. Thapki brings Dhruv to the interview room and he sees the kids doing so much for him. She says the kids made this for you, whom you called for interview.

He says I should have met them, they would be happy. She says they can still be happy, I did not let them go back. She calls Vivek. Vivek gets the kids. The kids run to Dhruv and hug him. Dhruv plays with them and gives them chocolates. He cries happily and sees Thapki. He says I was lost in my pain and anger, I forgot about other’s feelings, thanks Thapki. She says no need to thank me, you have to thank these innocent kids, whose love made you feel special, I know wrong happened with us, but don’t change yourself and don’t do more wrong.

She asks him to look at the kids, there are lakhs of people who regard you idol and want to become like you, promise me, you will never change. Bihaan comes there and smiles seeing them. Dhruv promises Thapki that he will never change. Dhruv starts activity with the kids. Bihaan says his work has started, they both spoke, now I have to make them get their old love.

Dhruv beats Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam says he has kept bobm in aarti thaali. Dhruv runs to stop Thapki and Bihaan.

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