Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya hugging Sooraj and crying. Bhabho prays for Sooraj at home. Sooraj moves his fingers. He wakes up. Sandhya asks him to get up, they will go together, she will take him to doctor and makes him stand. He asks her not to worry. She asks him to be with her. He says he does not want to come in between her duty, he can’t see her losing. She makes him sit in the jeep and thinks she can’t take him from Garjana area, there are mines too, she has just one way to save Sooraj, that’s Devi Narayani. She says why is this jeep not starting.

Garjana men announce about Sandhya and halwai, they are Garjana enemies and no one should help them. Narayani says if anyone helps, we will not leave them. They say Jai Garjana. Sandhya thinks she has to get bullet removed to save Sooraj and is on the way. Bhabho prays and tells Lord that she will see will her courage lose or his obstinacy break. Sandhya thinks to save Sooraj any way. Sooraj holds his bleeding. She asks him to be strong. He says mission mahabali is in danger, just 4 hours to stop the bomb. She says once you get fine, I will fight any battle, mission mahabali will succeed.

She says she is taking straight way as there is no way, they will go village and get him treated. Sooraj faints. Bhabho and family prays. Shekhar and commander are on the way with the men. Shekhar says I will not leave Sandhya, she killed Manjari and Himanshu, I will kill Sandhya and Sooraj. Ved worries and talks to Misri about Sooraj. She says Sooraj will keep his promise, I have an idea, one person can help us, Zakir uncle, he is their good friend and a police officer, we should meet him.

Sandhya checks the jeep and asks Sooraj to wait. Sandhya sees the men coming to hit them and alerts Sandhya. She turns and holds the sticks. She beats the men. They apologize and say we came in greed to catch them for prize, Narayani said she will kill them. Sandhya thinks how to save Sooraj now, if Narayani is after them. Sooraj asks Sandhya not to worry, they now know Devi Narayani is with Garjana, you go, I m fine. She says I will see her hatred wins or my love, humanity also exists.

Zakir asks did Sooraj go to find Sandhya, is she alive. Ved says yes, and shows the pic. He says dad went to find her. Zakir reads Anantpur and says its Garjana area, if Sooraj’s belief is true, they both are in big danger. He says you kids did good to inform me, I will try my best to find them, I promise. He asks Ramsingh to take kids back home. He says it means Bharat knows this if Sandhya is alive, is big mission about which I was not informed. He tries calling Bharat and can’t reach him.

Sandhya thinks to get Sooraj cured soon and then go to stop the missile. She asks him to stay strong. She sees Shekhar and commander coming and thinks to leave the jeep, as they should not know about her presence in village. She takes Sooraj and hides. Shekhar and commander see the jeep. Shekhar says it means she is here. The commander asks the men to find Sandhya and Sooraj, and shoot at sight. Bhabho continues to pray.

The men look for Sandhya. She holds Sooraj in her lap. Shekhar goes that way. Shekhar gets a man there and says it means they have killed him too. Commander says Sandhya is not mad to come to village again, lets leave from here. The man checks there are no keys in the jeep and they leave. Sandhya sees the keys in her hand. She brings Sooraj to Narayani. Narayani asks what happened. Sandhya says bullet shot. Narayani turns and gets shocked seeing her.

Shekhar says now mission mahabali is over, Sandhya and Sooraj can’t stop the country ruin. Sandhya gets over the big truck carrying missile in the helicopter. Jai hanuman………….plays……………

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