Sadda Haq 12th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Yoyo and parth makes sanyy jump from window. People still see her and come in her direction. Parth and yoyo say sanyu run, we will handle it. Yoyo and Parth stop them. Ranawat says what are you people doing here? They say sanyu took money from us and it was fraud. Ranawat says i want you all back in your classes in 30 seconds. A guy says they helped her in running. Ranawat says i said back in your classes. Ranawat says well done boys to parth and yoyo.

Agarwal is worried. He says ankit call akash. Ankit says he is not picking up. Sanyu says nor would he. Agarwal says did someone ask you? sanyu says this is my family problem. He has fled. Agarwal says stay away from this. Akash has not run anywhere. He will come back. Sanyu says he is fraud. Agarwal says now you will teach me. Go back to your room. Sanyu says i wont let my mom’s name be defamed. Agarwal says don’t force me to do something that i will be ashamed of.
Suddenly a glass break and stone falls in. Ankit sees out, there are a lot of people protesting. Agarwal says to ankti and sanyu dont worry and both of you don’t come out. He locks both of them in room. police comes as well. sanyu says to ankit we should go out to help papa. Ankit says papa will handle it, he said.

Cops and journalist come in. They ask who is agarwal? Agarwal says I am. Inspector says where is your son? Agarwal says he has nothing to do with this. Journalist says you and your son both will be arrested.

Precap-Agarwal is being arrested. Sanyu says where are you taking my papa? Agarwal says I asked you to stay in. they arrest agarwal. People are protesting outside the house. Sanyu and ankit are in tears.

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