Qubool Hai 12th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Seeing azad in the corridor, she decides to change her face immediately to avoid being exposed. She changes intlatif, and accidentally, amad’s hand falls out of the table. Azad looks at her. latif tells him that he should be in his room, and asks why is he wandering out, and congratulates him on his marriage. he walks off. She carries amad outside. She dunks him in the car, and then thanks amad, for letting her inside the house, but in her wedding night of the black dawn, her husband is sadly not him, but someone else. She closes the car. she finds sameer, and thanks him for his work, and then tells him that tonight is the darkest night. she says that she plans to change destiny. He says that he shall always be by her side. he is asked to leave and he complies by driving off. She then opens the door, and enters in.

As mahira comes out of the washroom, after freshening up, azad comes to the room, with the certificate as a proof and evidence of their marriage and his immense love. She is boggled. they both are shocked to find a girl sitting inside, with the ghunghat on, in their bed, saying that love has changed its course, as what was proven in words now needs papers. he asks who is she. She asks if its habit or hobby to forget after marrying, and a few years back, he married her in the presence of god, and today doesnt even wish to speak her name. he opens the ghunghat and is shocked to find afreen in it. She innocently asks him what happened, if he remembered a story, or the betrayal that he gave her, and not even married mahira by a trap, and even set their wedding bed, and asks if he ever told mahira about his first wife, i.e her, afreen. he says that they dont have any relation. She says that their relation isnt that easy to forget or erase, and that the truth is she is his first wife, who he never even divorced ever. she says that the person who is giving her proof of love had promised her too, of precious love. he asks why is she lying. she asks if she is lying, then he should look in mahira’s eyes, and then answer if he never loved her and they never had any relation. mahira is shocked and distraught. He says that every truth has a story and it cant be decided simply by yes or no. he tells mahira that he shall tell her everything. she says that if the truth is his, then it would be difficult to understand, as he betrayed mahira too, just like he did to her. she tells mahira that she has a thousand of proofs. mahira says that she deosnt need proof or testimony, as she is engulfed in betrala, and tells her that azad was and shall always be hers. she leaves. Afreen turns and eyes him evilly. he walks off. She wonders where is he running away as she would get him. She throws a red bundle on the bed, and then starts muttering something, and her pleat yet again swaying mysteriously. he is unable to move past, as he tries to reach out to mahira, affected by the black magic, that afreen has cast and falls on the bed helplessly.

Mahira is storming outside, when razia and khan begum ask her to go and consummate the marriage and celebrate her wedding night. mahira says that she wont be able to this, as the situation is beyond her comprehension. she then says that she married as per her wish, to marry amad, her firtst son, and now the second son, azad comes and tells her that she is married to him. she asks her to return her brother so that she can go. Khan begum says that she doesnt know how to celebrate in happiness, and instead of thanking her, for marrying her to the love of her life, azad instead of amad. razia again asks her to go in. mahira curtly says that she would have gone and done that, but the only problem is that there is another woman, in her so called room, with her so called husband in her so called bed, and this woman says that she is the so called wife of her so callled husband. Khan begum is shocked and asks who is it. mahira names her as afreen. razia and khan begum are shocked to hear this. she asks why is she so surprised, as she must be knowing this bet of the game, and again threatening her for her brother, asks her to stay shut, while she herself goes to take care of afreen. they both go in, while mahira stands tensed.

In khan begum’s room, afreen holds jhanjhariya by the hair and throws her on the ground by razia’s feet saying that she has exceeded her limits, and asks razia to tame her. razia stands tensed. Afreen says that she better watch her step, as she did what was asked, and khan begum had promised that she would get her married. Khan begum says that she did. Afreen lies that amad left instantly after marrying her, as she wasnt mahira. khan begum asks her to learn herself how to handle the siatution and get amad to normal. afreen says that the biggest insult for a woman is that the husband rejects her on her wedding night, and she wouldnt midn now getting azad. Enraged, khan begum asks her to stay in her limits. razia is tensed. afreen says that she should remind her of her limit. She is about to slap afreen, when she holds begum’s hand midway, shocking khan begum. She wrenches her hand around, while she tries to get free, asking her to let go. razia asks her to let go, and afreen eyes her amusedly as she leaves her with a jerk, and she falls by the sofa’s side. Afreen then turns to razia and asks if she shall tell her whats to be done and what not, as she isnt her owner. both are shocked to see this side of afreen, as she reminds razia who is she and who is her. razia is scared. khan begum asks razia why is she quiet that her slave is doing this, jhanjhariya holds razia by the neck, and then she starts wincing in pain, while afreen asks her to tell who is the servant and who is the master. khan begum is boggled and shocked, and asks razia to clarify. razia manages to struggle free somehow, and gets in. She starts chanting inside the bathroom. jhanjhariya comes in and reminds razia that she forgot that she only introduced her to the world of black magic. While she starts chanting, and her pleat sways, razia falls on the ground. Khan begum tries to intervene, shocked asking who is she. Jhanjhariya asks razia if she shall tell or she herself shall do the honours. she tells begum that every question has an answer and a time, and she should have asked this long time back, when she got her here. she says that she is that power that even the lrds of dark world fear, and that she is a Daayan, who peeple dont want wandering around the house even, leave along making them the respectable bahu of the house, which she did. khan begum asks razia why she didnt tell her earlier. jhanjhariya asks why is she asking this stupid question and then tells that she had died, and she got her out of the grave. razia begins to speak that her power is in her pleat. But before she can finish, Jhanjhariya does some black magic to razia, and she screams in horror, and pain, closing her eyes. khan begum is shocked to watch all this. mMuch to her horror, she finds razia converted into a petty doll due to the magic, right in front of her eyes. The screen freezes on jhanjhariya’s evil and khan begum’s scared face.

Precap: Atop a cliff, jhanjhariya tells mahira that her mtoher in law had already left for heaven and that rightfully a bahu should be around a mother in laaw to sercve her, and who better than mahira to do so. mahira stands boggled, as she is wearing white linen for mourning. she is boggled and tensed. Jhanjhariya tells them that she has planned everything for her too to go to her khan begum. She tells her not to be scared, as it wont hurt at all and asks her to cloe her eyes. then in sudden swift, she throws Mahira down the cliff..

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