Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 12th October 2015 Written Episode

Madhiam recalls about what Nandhani had said to him about being cold and emotions.
Ustad Mukaish was playing veena, he stops at once when he hears loud music being played by Maddy. He comes to his room and plugs the wire out of the loud speakers. Maddy asks what he did, he asks how can he do this to him, cant he get some personal time. Mr. Mukaish asks Maddy how he dare played loud music in this house. Maddy says he loves rock music, how can he stops him. Mr. Mukaish says he must surf his talent in something productive, not this rubbish. He has accepted all his wishes, if he can’t do classical he must leave music but not rock music at all to ruin his family name. Maddy says music is his life, he will never leave it. And Mr. Mukaish doesn’t care about him, he only cares about his respect and family name.
Harshid hits Aryaman in the corridor. Harshid asks Aryaman how he is doing, Aryaman doesn’t reply. Harshid says that he feels really bad but Manik and Cabir’s death was fate. Aryaman holds Harshid on the wall, he says that he knows about Harshid’s involvement in the blast and he put all the blame on him, how convenient. Harshid gets rid of Aryaman, he tells him to get is easy. Whatever had to happen, it did. Now they must start again, a fresh start. He says that he is his brother. Aryaman feels disgusted, he says he regrets he was once friend with Harshid. Aryaman says that if he ever tries to hurt his friend, specially Nandhani, there will only be bruises on his body and face. He leaves.
Harshid comes to Neonika’s office and asks where is she. The peon says she has resigned, her number was unreachable. He wonders how is this possible. In the practice hall, Mukti, Aaliya and Dhruv were together. Mukti asks how it is possible, Neonika running away is so not her. Aaliya says may be she is scared, Dhruv says Neonika must not be afraid. Nandhani comes there. Mukti asks how she is, Nandhani says she is fine. She confesses that she had asked Neonika to resign. Mukti asks if she is mad. Dhruv says that she was behind all this. Nandhani says she thought this was better. Aaliya says that she let a murderer on lose. Mukti asks if she knows Neonika, she won’t leave as such. Nandhani says they will see it later, but for now this chapter is closed. She says that Neonika has gone out of their lives, she must remain as such. Dhruv says he feels really bad for Manik, he couldn’t ever live his life well, he always thought about Neonika. Finally he must really be happy, this college has got rid of Neonika. Nandhani takes a leave for lecture. Mukti says she feels bad for Nandhani, she tells Dhruv not to speak about Manik in front of Nandhani. Dhruv says they are right, he had said a lot. He goes behind Nandhani.
In the corridor, Nandhani cried. She tells herself not to cry, Manik won’t like it. Dhruv comes to sit beside her. He hugs Nandhani while she was crying and wipes her tear. He hands her a tissue, she smiles and takes it from him, wiping her tears. He gets her a glass of water. He asks which lecture she had. She says she had to bunk a lecture. Dhruv is shocked. They walk along. Dhruv says that Aaliya is right, he always touch a topic that hurts others. She says if he confesses that girlfriends are always right. Both laugh, Nandhani says she will be fine. She dials Aryaman’s number. Aryaman sat upset and doesn’t take the call, Nandhani gets restless wishing him to attend the call. She tries again, then writes him a message saying Where he is, it is urgent. Aryaman calls her and says he is coming. Nandhani says she lied because she thought he wouldn’t pick her call. She asks where he is. He asks her to come to roog, Nandhani goes there. Dhruv thinks may be she can get out of Manik by this.
Maddy was passing the corridor, the gang join him. His friend tells him that they don’t have a room to practice, the practice hall is reserved for Fab5. Maddy says that Fab5 has broken. The friend says that they neither leave the hall nor let anyone practice. Maddy says today they will practice there.
Aryaman says to Nandhani on the roof, he complains that he never wondered she will ever suspect him. She would think that he is trying to take her life. Someone manipulates him and she gets manipulated against him. He says he knows she wants to say sorry, he was constantly looking at her and thought atleast she will be with him. Nandhani tells him to shut up, she says she came here to apologize, but he must atleast give her a chance. Nandhani says that all evidence were against him, she was scared to trust him. She knows that her apology wouldn’t reduce his pain but she is really sorry. Aryaman finally smiles and hugs her. Nandhani is also happy.

PRECAP: Madhiam comes with his gang to practice in the hall. Fab5 sat together, when Manik arrives there.

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