Swaragini 12th October 2015 Written Episode

Ragini reaches the farm house and calls on Laksh’s number, but his mobile is switched off. She rings on the bell and finds the door open. She comes inside calling Laksh’s name and sees Swara coming down the stairs. She asks where is Laksh? She says Laksh called me at 8:30 pm and said you called him to meet you. She asks why did you call him. She asks where is he? What did you do with him? Swara asks do you really care about him, or is just pretending. Ragini says she really cares for Laksh being his wife, and asks if there is any camera here. She asks do you want me to tell truth. Swara says may be I might have microphone attached to my phone, and may be Laksh is hearing all. Ragini asks her to stop acting and asks where is Laksh. Swara asks Sanskar to bring Laksh. Ragini is shocked to see Laksh heavily injured. Laksh asks Ragini, why did you come here? He says they called me here and then beaten me badly. Ragini shouts at them. Laksh says I will not spare you. Sanskar says what else you can do? You have broken maa and papa’s relation, and also got us married forcibly. Ragini cries and asks Swara to help her take Laksh to hospital. She asks Sanskar how can he sit like that. Sanskar says Laksh is not that much injured that he will die.

Laksh asks Ragini not to hear him and says he is not a human. Swara says my parents will never be united again and you have snatched all their happiness. She says we will snatch your happiness. Ragini says you can’t do this. Laksh also says the same. Swara says I am tired of saying the same story. Why shall I waste my time and energy. I shall stoop to her level and take revenge. Sanskar says it is enough of talks and says it is action time now. Ragini tries to stop Sanskar. Sanskar says if you can snatch our precious things then why can’t we. He starts beating Laksh ruthlessly. Ragini cries and begs Swara to leave Laksh. Swara holds Ragini’s hand to stop her. Ragini asks Swara to leave Laksh. Laksh and Sanskar start fighting. Laksh falls down. Ragini asks Sanskar, until when he will beat Laksh. She says Laksh trust her very much and will never doubt her. She says you think that you will get away after beating him. Sanskar says we have already lost it, and it is your turn now to lose. Ragini sees the knife on the floor and tries to pick it. Sanskar takes her forcibly. Laksh gets up, picks the knife and heads towards Sanskar. Sanskar grabs the knife and stabs in Laksh’s stomach many times shocking Ragini and Swara.

Laksh falls down and calls Ragini’s name. Swara asks Sanskar, what did you do Sanskar? Sanskar says what I would have done? He tried to kill me, and I stabbed him while I was trying to save myself. Sanskar takes Ragini away from Laksh, while Ragini asks Sanskar not to separate him and Laksh. She asks Swara to save Laksh. Sanskar says you was just standing and looking when Swara’s parents relation was ending. Ragini asks him to let them leave, and asks him to look at Laksh’s condition. She asks Swara to see Laksh’s condition. Swara says you should not have done this Sanskar. Sanskar says we didn’t have any other way to snatch happiness from Ragini. Ragini will not have any reason to be happy. Ragini says you can’t do this with me and says you are my sister. Sanskar asks Swara not to come in her talks.

Swara says she don’t want to listen Sanskar, but everything is right in love and war. She asks how we will go out. Sanskar says nobody have seen Laksh coming here, and says he will put his body in a bag and throw in the mountain. Ragini shouts and says he is my husband and love. Swara agrees with Sanskar and tells Ragini that she will be incomplete all her life. Ragini looks for her phone and it is seen in his hand. Sanskar breaks her phone. Ragini threatens to inform everyone, and says they will believe her. Swara asks her to tell everything. Sanskar says your Laksh will never get you and I will sleep peacefully. Ragini says he is your brother. She tells swara that you loves him. Swara tells Laksh that she never wanted him to die, but they doesn’t have any other way. She says I know you would have never believed us. Laksh says I had believed and trusted you, but you have betrayed me on marriage day, so I married Ragini. He says I was about to accept Ragini today, but you……………….He holds Ragini’s hand and says they……………..He dies. Ragini is shocked. Swara and Sanskar are shocked too. Ragini shouts Laksh’s name and says you can’t leave me like this.

Ragini says I have betrayed everything to get my love. I tried to kill you to get him, but you did a mistake by separating us. She stabs knife in Swara’s stomach and sees Laksh standing behind her. She gets shocked.

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