Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th October 2015 Written Episode

Nandhani is thinking about something and suddenly Aryaman comes and hugs her. Nandhni asks him to calm down but he does not listen and is so happy to tell her that he was there with the fab5 to perform the drums. He says that he was in place of Cabir and felt great while performing with them. They talk a lot about what happened and he says that there is some problem with the sticks, Nandhani is surprised and asks as to what is wrong with them but he does not say anything.
The O2 manager is saying that he has listened to Dhruv’s voice but does not want it because he does not have the quality of a lead voice. Mukti and Aaliya say that his voice will sound better after the affects because they have a lot of great effects.
He does not listen to them and asks them to find a voice like Manik if he is not with them. They have to find someone who will bring the song to life and so they have to bring a good singer or do not need to come here anymore.
All of them are in the room trying to think as to what to do about the producer. Dhruv says that he is tired and cannot do this anymore, he is about to leave when Mukti stops him and says that he cannot quit like this he says that Fab5 and singing are his life and this feeling of helplessness is eating him from inside. Aaliya requests them to stop fighting and find a solution.
Aryaman gets up and says that they will not like it but he has a solution. They ask him and he says that they have to replace Manik, Mukti shouts at him as to what he is saying and one by one they all leave.
Nandhani says that they want to find Manik’s replacement and Aryaman says that they have no choice.
Aryaman is sitting and one by one they all come back and he says that what they have thought. They replay that they also think that they have to find another voice and so they get to find another singer.
Aryaman says to Dhruv that his voice will not get weak because someone said to him. He gives a great example but Mukti says that he should keep his example to himself and not interfere in fab5.
Aaliya says that how will they find Manik’s replacement Aryaman says that there is a guy who sounds exactly like him but they all hate him. Aaliya and Mukti both say that if he comes near them then they will beat him but then agree because they have no choice. Aryaman and Mukti go to talk to him.
A group of boys is performing in the jam room and Madhiam comes at first he makes fun of them and then says that their three hour time is over and they sould leave. One of them places his hand on him but he pushes it away and says to never place his hand on him otherwise he will beat them. He says that he is not their friend and only did it for equal rights. Aryaman and mukti are standing at the back and when he turns he is angry to see them.

Precap: Nandhani is trying to convince Madhiam to join fab 5 and to give them a chance and after saying this she leaves.

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