Ishq Ka Rang Safed 14th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tulsi dragging Dhaani by her hairs and asks her to tell the place of the idols. Dhaani refuses to tell. Viplav throws the smoke bomb and hides with Dhaani. Tulsi asks her gang to search jewellery, idol and Dhaani.Viplav and Dhaani are hiding. Viplav asks if she is fine…..Ishq Ishq plays……………Ishq Ka Rang Safed………………Viplav says they are not trustable, and asks her to keep quiet. Dhaani looks on. He looks at the gang and asks her to go through the other door. She climbs the window and forwards her hand asking Viplav to come. He holds her hand and tries to free her stuck leg. Tulsi’s gang hits Viplav on his head, and catches Dhaani and Viplav again. She says she will separate them before uniting. She asks her to give idols and says they will leave silently. Viplav gets unconscious. Dhaani refuses to give, and sees Tulsi holding sharp knife in her hand. Tulsi is about to stab Viplav in his stomach, but Dhaani holds the knife injuring her hand and stopping Tulsi from killing Viplav.

Dhaani’s blood falls on Viplav. Tulsi’s gang hold Dhaani while Tulsi keeps knife on her neck. Viplav gains consciousness and sees Tulsi trying to kill Dhaani. He throws steel pot on her hand and keeps gun on Tulsi’s neck. She asks her gang to stand in queue and asks Dhaani to tie them with rope. Dhaani and Viplav ties them. Viplav forwards his hand for giving hi five, and looks at Dhaani’s hand bleeding. He bandages her hand immediately and gets concerned. He asks how did it happen? Dhaani says it happened when you was unconscious. Police team knocks on the door. Viplav opens the door and let the Police come inside. Viplav and Dhaani’s family come inside. Kanak asks about blood on his shirt. Viplav says it is not mine. Dulaari hugs Dhaani. Dhaani brings the idol and gives to Police. Police arrests Tulsi and her gang, and take them. Inspector says I taked to SP and you all will be honored tomorrow. Dasharath feels proud of Viplav.

Viplav gives the credit to the widows for giving strength to him, and says they didn’t tell about the whereabouts of the idols even when they were on knife point. Dasharath praises and thanks them. Badi Amma thanks Viplav. Viplav folds his hand. He asks Kanak, Sushma and Dasharath to go home. Kanak asks her to come home. Sushma and Dasharath want him to come home. Kanak says she is proud of him. Viplav says you will be more proud of me and I can’t leave my motive. Kanak says what else do you want to do? She asks Dasharath to tell him to come. Dasharath asks her not to stop Viplav and let him go. He asks him to go. Viplav hugs Sushma.

Dhaani is sitting in Dulaari’s lap, and sees Viplav coming back. She asks why you didn’t go. Viplav says no. Dulaari asks why you didn’t go? Viplav says Dasharath sent him back when he said about his 1 Lakh rupees fees. Rachna asks if they will all receive the honor. Badi Amma appreciates him. Rachna says it was good that you kept eye on Tulsi, else she would have eloped with idols. Dhaani says she was wrong, and accepts her mistake. Viplav says your hand is still not treated.

Dasharath is happy. Sushma says she is very happy. Dasharath says he is doing this for his Viplav baba and asks her to wear new necklace which he has given her. Sushma agrees happily. Kanak gets jealous and irked.
Dulaari brings the lep and opens the cloth from her hand. She is about to apply lep on her hand. Viplav says she can have infection and brings first aid box. Dhaani asks him to let it be. Viplav says if I do then will it be sin.

Viplav gives speech and praises widows for following dharm. He asks them to come on stage and accept the honor together. Everyone is shocked.

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