Tere Sheher Mein 15th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amaya talking to Tilak, being mistaken that he is Rama. Her reflection is seen in the waters. Amaya says I feel proud seeing you, we can become good friends, I admire you a lot. She goes. Tilak turns to see and says I will become your superman to give a solid answer to Rama. He says he has lit many crackers, but she is a bomb. He holds a girl and she tells people about Tilak misbehaving. The people try to beat him and Tilak beats them. He says he was mistaken to tease her, and leaves. Amaya waits for Rama to say something. She asks Rama to sleep on the bed, as he is hurt. Rama says no, I will sleep on ground.

She says I m not so bad, sleep on the bed. He says fine and rests on bed. He asks her to switch off lights and says good night. She rests and hears him. She gets up and asks him did he call her. He says no. She sleeps. Rama goes to her and she gives her hand to him smiling. Music plays…………..She imagines him and gets up. She sees him sleeping and says he is so strange, I told such good things to him and he has no words to say, did he get more attitude now.

Its morning, Kangana is taken for the operation. Sumitra asks Kangana not to worry. Amaya says I will get her reports and goes. Sumitra gets a call on Kangana’s phone. She gets to know about Kangana’s work order and asks how can you do this, her hand is hurt. The man ends call. Bya asks whats the matter. Sumitra says if order did not complete, it will be 15 lakhs loss, Kangana took advance, how will we get 15 lakhs, he said he will ruin Kangana’s career. Amaya hears this. She says Kangana’s work is everything for her, she has mental disease already, what will happen if this work goes away, I have one way now, I have to complete her order. Amaya rushes and slips. Rama asks where is she going in hurry. She asks him to drop her home, she has urgent work. He says I m getting late too. She asks why is she showing attitude. She realizes it was not Rama whom she has spoken out her feelings.

Tilak wakes up and says he has to find her. His friends come and talk to him. He asks them to find the letter which has his secret, what was the name written on it. The man says name started with A. He asks them to find everyone with A initial and find postman too. He says he has to find the letter and that girl too. Amaya talks to the client and says Kangana will fulfill the order. She starts working on the order and tells Rama. Rama asks where did sunrise today, this is not easy. She says I will do it. He says its not everyone’s cup of tea, don’t come to me if you can’t do this.

Amaya says the color is not dyed well. She checks on net and adds more color. She steps in the dye bucket and Rama also steps in the dye to support her, as she has supported him on fight day. She slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. They step out of the bucket and h says the dye got dark. I know you are doing this for Kangana, but whats the matter to do all the work now. She tells about the order, she wants to end it soon in 2 days, she does not want Kangana’s work loss. He thanks her for doing this for Kangana.

Amaya gets a call from a man who tells about some guy leaving the city and he has the items. Amaya says I will come soon, I m leaving now. Tilak’s friends catch the postman. Tilak scares the man with a knife and checks the letters. He asks for the letter for the girl with name initial A from Allahabad. He spots Amaya.

Tilak beats the postman. Amaya gives the food to the workers, while the letter with Amaya Gupta’s name is seen.

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