Reporters 15th October 2015 Written Episode

Ananya challenges Shreya that she will expose her and RG by Monday. Richa insults Manav that he does not have his support Shreya now and he is like dhobhi ka kutta/washerman’s dog now. Kabeer gets Laxman’s call that he found hitman who killed Ananya’s father on RG’s order. He informs his team.

Manav meets Shreya and she asks what info he has. He says he told Kabeer is smarter than them and now he will send her and RG to jail now. Shreya gets tensed. He says he needs 5 crores for his info. She says she does not have that much money. He says RG has. She calls RG zand fixes meeting. They both meet RG who says he will give 5 crores only if Manav’s info is worth. Manav says it more than 5 crores worth and says Kabeer and Ananya got info of Raghu who killed Sudhir kashyap. RG gives him 5 crores and asks to count. Manav says he will take whole day if he counts and says he would have given money to Sudhir instead of Raghu. RG says he tried, but Sudhir was very loyal and did not accept money, so he hired Raghu who tried explain Sudhir and when he did not understand, Raghu pushed Sudhir from cliff. He forgot to take care of Raghu in happiness, but now he will. Manav asks him to make him editor-in-chief of their new channel. RG calls someone and asks him to take Raghu’s address from Manav and kill him. Manav asks what if Ananya and Kabeer reach before them. RG asks to kill all 3 of them.

Kabeer calls Khalid and asks to start promo of Raghu. Khalid asks if he is sure and has proof. Kabeer says he cannot wait more and today it will be breaking news. Richa gets ready for breaking news. Khalid goes to Ronnie’s technical room and tells Ronnie’s seat that it is for Ronnie’s justice. He starts news relay. Richa reads news that they had to apologize Rakesh Gupta Pharma for relaying true news, but today Kabeer will expose Rakesh Gupta pharma tonight.

RG panics seeing news and asks Shreya what is happening. Shreya says how can she know what is happening as she is not there. He asks his goon to kill Raghu soon, else he will kill him. Goon says his men have gone to kill Raghu. Shreya says today Kabeer will fall on his face.

RG’s goon reach Raghu’s house and shoot him. Khurana reaches and arrests them. Kabeer enters next and Khurana says goons reached before him and killed Raghu. Khalid calls Kabeer and says only 15 min left for 9 p.m. Kabeer says Raghu is killed.

Kabeer’s moral gyaan: If fate is written on hands, nobody would be poor after reading it.

Precap: No precap..

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