Sasuraal Simar Ka 15th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Flash back: A woman is doing pooja. Indra comes to he and says you are amazing. There is just one problem in my life and after that he can be mine. I can pay anything i just want to win today. The woman does some magic on water, she says make her drink it. After that she wont be able to drink. But she shouldn’t go in any temple or my magic will be over. indra says everything will be okay. Thakur will be mine.
The magician says after so many year you will be paid off your wait will end today. You will have powers of a witch tonight. You will become a witch. this is a must to become a witch to harm your blood. Congratulations indra. Indra says I am getting so many rewards tonight. I have been learning black magic from you for a long time and finally i will become a witch. No one cna beat me. The woman says go and become the queen today.

Perma says God please make my jiji win today. Do something that he get hypnotized by her beauty.
Indra comes perma says i was praying for you. Perma says come you should pray as well. Indra says you prayed thats enough. You take so good care of me. Drink this juice. This will keep you energized. Perma drinks it.

Rana thakur is in his palace. His minister says time for competition has started.
Indra comes to her room and sees perma getting ready. She says why hasn’t that drink affected perma? Suddenly perma starts fainting. Panditji asks what happened? Indra says what happened? Perma says my head is heavy.
Minister announces all contestants come in the hall. Perma says i can’t take part in this competition. I cant dance. Please pray for jiji that she wins it. Panditji brings in a doctor. Indra says dont worry dad, i will do something that you never expect from me. He says lets go.

Indra starts dancing with rest of the contestants. She is dancing well. Only two contestants are left in the end. Suddenly indra stops and keeps looking at rana thakur. she can’t dance. The other girls keeps dancing and wins. Everyone claps. Thakur says quite. Some other city’s girl won today. Pandit ji you are responsible for this shame. Pandit ji will be punished.
Perma gets up, she says i have to go. Perma steps out she is having trouble in walking. She says its not dad’s mistake why is he being punished then. please do something. Give me strength. She comes to tempples and touches the idle. Suddenly she starts feeling better. Perma runs downstairs.
Perma comes running and says wait. She says please leave my dad. Rana says how dare you to challenge me. She says i am just requesting you. I was a contestant too but i couldn’t participate because of my health condition. I will show my talent to save my husband. Minister says the winner is urwashi. Simar says i challenge urwashi to beat me. I can show that there is no shortcoming in my father’s teachings. Thakur says okay. but if you lose i will kill you with your dad too.

Precap-Simar dances and wins it. Indra is infuriated. Perma says i will talk to dad. Indra stabs her with her nail. Rana comes in and says you harmed my wife to be and you will be punished for it.

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