Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 15th October 2015 Written Episode

Milan says this is called luxury, this isn’t only matress but a cloud. If one sleeps on it, may not wake up for two days. It’s only about fate, and fate doesn’t remain same. The one who sleeps on this mattress must soon be sleeping on streets. Mala gets Ishaani medicines. Ishaani thinks about keeping them in his room. Milan goes to washroom to see it. Raavan thinks about talking to Ishaani, he watches Ishaani come to Ranveer’s room. Ishaani thinks Ranveer is bathing, she must keep the medicines. She speaks to the photo that she is going from his room without meeting him, he has to meet her now without watching her. Raavan was heading towards Ranveer room, Mala indulges him and Ishaani goes back to her room. Milan comes from bath, he hears Raavan outside and gets to washroom. Raavan thinks Ishaani is in the washroom, he says that there is someone same as Ranveer, his name is Milan. He isn’t like Ranveer and wants to take hold of everything that belongs to Ranveer. Milan was curt inside.
In the room, Ishaani gets Ranveer’s voice message. He asks her to open her first drawer of the side table. There was a blindfold. He asks her to cover her eyes with it, and call his name. This is time for her challenge to be fulfilled. Ishaani blindfolds herself, Ranveer enters the room blindfolded. Ishaani calls him, he calls Ishaani’s name. Both head towards each other. He says he is here, the challenge is also done without breaking Baa’s ritual. Ishaani says may be someone else is here, speaking in his voice. Ranveer holds her and asks her to question her own heart that paces faster when he comes near. He asks Ishaani if she is happy, what he gets in gift. Ishaani says she will be his tomorrow, what else he wants. He says there are twelve years now in marriage. He hugs Ishaani and says today the moon has come out of clouds to see them together. She asks if he can see it. He says he can’t, but he can feel it. He holds her hand and takes her to window. Both stand there hand in hand.
Raavan says he knows that Ishaani must want to know who Milan is. Milan was angry and comes out of the washroom. Raavan is shocked to see Ranveer, Milan says not Ranveer but Milan. Raavan says he had told him not to come to this house. Milan says he had also told him to stay away from his house. Raavan asks what he is doing here. Milan asks what he is doing with their plan. He says this is Ranveer and his matter, next time Raavan interferes and he will be finished. He takes him out of the room.
Ranverer says to Ishaani that today before their wedding, he wants to give her seven promises. First, he will always remain with her. Second, day or night he will only think about her. Third, life with her so he want to die first. Ishaani tells him not to say this again. Ranveer says what he has said will happen. He holds her face, her ear ring fell down. Ishaani goes to get it, Ranveer says he will also go with her. Ishaani says she has an idea, he walks ahead of her so that both doesn’t see each other’s face.
Milan took Raavan out, Raavan says what he is doing isn’t right. Milan says everything is fair in love and war. RV and Ishaani walked behind Ishaani.
Krisha stops Dewarsh from drinking. She says he didn’t drink first, why he has started doing so. Dewarsh tells her to shut up, and go. He tells her to go and sleep on a pillow of that bundle of money. Krisha says she is going, he can never get better. Krisha tells him to go to hell. Dewarsh says Baa speaks so much about Ishaani and Ranveer in old age.
Milan and Raavan comes out of the main door. Ranveer asks Ishaaani to be careful on the stairs. Dewarsh watches Milan and Raavan go, then Ranveer and Ishaani comes out. He is shocked, then says Ranveer just went out with that old man, now how is he coming with Ishaani. He says this is also Ranveer. Ranveer thinks who is with Raavan outside. He tells Ishaani to go upstairs, he will get the earrings. He says if Baa watches, they can get scolded and if Baa watches they can even get beaten. He kisses Ishaani’s hand before letting her go. Dewarsh watches in shock. He wonders if he has drunk a lot.
Ranveer goes behind Raavan. Milan asks Raavan to be his partner in crime. Raavan says to Milan he has always wanted his good but it also worried about this family as well. Ranveer watches the back of Milan, he comes to them. Raavan was conscious. Ranveer keeps a hand on Milan’s shoulder and asks who is he. Milan brings about knife at Raavan to tell Ranveer leave. Raavan tells Ranveer he is an old friend. Milan hugs Raavan and tells him to make Ranveer go else his game is finished. Ishaani calls Ranveer if he found it. Ranveer goes behind. Raavan says to Milan he isn’t going to be defeated by him.
Ranveer asks Dewarsh what he is doing here, if he is drinking. What if Baa sees him. Dewarsh tells him that he will go.
Milan held Raavan in a pose that Raavan was in pain. Dewarsh comes out, he asks Milan what is it. First he came out with Raavan, then with Ishaani. Then he came out with Ishaani. Then he came in alone and now with Raavan. Raavan tells Dewarsh that this isn’t Ranveer, there are two Ranveer. Milan had still hurt Raavan.

PRECAP: Both Ishaani and Ranveer get ready for wedding. Both think that they have faced so much in life, have seen so many changes in life but one thing that remains the same is their Aashqui.

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