Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th October 2015 Written Episode

Kokila asks Jigar to go with Ahem and Gopi as their relation is going through a rough patch. Hetal says we want you to bridge their gap. Jigar says I wish Bhai would have understand that Gopi is always right. Kokila hopes that every bhabhi gets dewar like him. She says Jigar supported Gopi when she went to Mumbai to bring Ahem home. Jigar says I feel they are incomplete without each other. He says I am ready to go with them. Kokila blesses him.

While in car, Jigar asks Ahem to drive slow. Ahem says I know. Jigar insists to drive the car, but Ahem refuses to let him drive. Gaura wakes up Meera and says time has come for Mata Rani’s welcome. Meere asks what is this? Gaura asks her to get ready and go back to work. Meera says it is 5: 30 now. Gaura says I will make 12 of everyone. Meera says what? Gaura asks her to make her bahu wake up like this. Meera asks if this is a ritual? She says I will wake her up by throwing water on her face and smiles. Gaura also smiles. Vidya comes and asks about her planning. Gaura says my grand son’s bahu is ready after bath. Vidya says I got up as there are many things to do on Navrathi. Gaura says I am impressed and says Meera got a good bahu. Meera is irked.

Meera gets ready and comes to Gaura. Gaura tells her that Vidya and Shravan’s mum are doing work together. She asks Vidya to come, and calls inauspicious to Shravan’s mum. Vidya asks why you are behaving badly with her. Gaura says it is my house and I don’t want any arguments here. She says you were flying high and said that you will do everything. She asks Vidya and Meera to do Navrathi preparations and says I will see who is more intelligent between you both. Vidya asks what I have to do. Gaura says you have to change the Mata ji’s chunari daily till its visarjan, and says also one has to take care of lamp also in the temple. She asks them to decide? Meera says I will take care of constant lamp. Dharam and Gaura are surprised with her selection.

Gopi prays for safety and sees Ahem driving fast. Jigar asks him to drive safely. Gopi tells him that some woman is following them. Ahem says no. Gaura asks Meera to give lamp work to Vidya. Meera says I am excited with Navrathi preparations and likes to do challenging work. Vidya says you couldn’t keep yourself awake all night. Meera asks her not to make her feel low and reminds her that she is her saas. Vidya says you are thinking me wrong. She says you will clean temple and do mata rani’s shringar. Gaura agrees and asks them to do the preparations. Dharam asks Gaura, how did Meera agreed to do. Gaura says Meera thought that I am impressed with Vidya and agreed to work. She says Meera will change soon for our betterment. She says I will make them fight till 10 days, and then they will not see at each other. Dharam says we will see their fight on Muh Dikhayi rasam, and tells that he has made all the arrangements.

Jigar asks ahem to take right from there and says they will bu puja ingredients. Someone comes infront of their car, and falls down. Few peope gather there and say call the police. The woman looks at Gopi. Gopi says we shall take her to hospital. The woman gets up and starts running with much difficulty. Gopi tries to stop her and calls her Maa ji. Other lady stops her and the woman disappears. Gopi thinks where did she go?

Hetal compliments Tolu and Molu for decorating the inhouse temple. They tell that Paridhi gave instruction to them on phone. Kokila says Gopi and Paridhi decorate temple every year and asks them to bring Garbo. Hetal asks what happened? Kokila says she is worried about Meera and vidya. Hetal asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. She goes to do the work. The lady asks them to go and says may be that woman didn’t get injured. Gopi says we should have taken her to hospital. Ahem says you always want to help helpless people, especially those who comes under our car wheels. Gopi says it was your mistake, and you was driving fast. Jigar says we have to leave from here. They sit in car and leaves.

Gaura, Meera and Vidya do the puja with others. Meera thinks she is very much hungry and didn’t have breakfast too. Gaura asks Meera to do aarti. Meera lights the lamp. Vidya goes near Mata Rani and covers her with holy Chunari. Shravan smiles. Jai Mata Di plays……………….Gaura appreciates her, making Meera feel jealous. Dharam and Gaura looks on smilingly. Meera thinks to teach a lesson to Vidya.

Gopi falls down while running after a woman. She finds Radha’s photo and is shocked. Ahem comes and says Radha’s photo with you…………….

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