Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amma coming to meet Mrs. Bhalla. She gets food for Mrs. Bhalla and asks what is she thinking. Mrs. Bhalla says I m missing Rinki a lot, its Navratri and Rinki used to do a lot on Navratri. She cries and says Rinki took away all the house happiness. Amma says this house needs blessings. Mrs. Bhalla says Devi Maa’s blessings are needed, but I m not strong to celebrate. Amma says we will just do puja of Devi Maa, I will place idol in my house. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Amma makes her have idlis.

Raman comes to Ishita and checks her high fever. He asks her to take rest. She says I will get freshen up and sleep again. He asks what happened to her hand. She says nothing and goes. Mihika asks Amma will we celebrate festivals. Amma says not celebrate, we will just pray to Devi Maa, Mrs. Bhalla is sad as she can’t place idol in her home, and asks Mihika to get flowers while coming home. Mihir comes and sees Mihika upset. Mihika says Bhallas are not celebrating Navratri, so Amma thought to keep Navratri puja at our home. Mihir says Rinki used to be so excited about Navratri and Shagun won’t never want to be upset in her memories, so we will celebrate Navratri nicely.

She says you know I m always with you. He nods. She thanks and says we will celebrate Navratri for Rinki and Shagun. She goes. Simmi asks Neelu to get Mata Chunri. Ishita asks Ruhi to go and play. Ruhi says I have to make laddoos. Ishita tensely sees the place where she has seen the lady at night. Ruhi says you have fever, take rest. Mrs. Bhalla checks the fever and asks Simmi to call doctor.

The doctor checks Ishita. Ishita says she has fever since yesterday night, she has headache and body ache. The doctor says your symptoms are of dengue, you have some tests done, take bed rest, have medicines and check temperature every 4 hours. Ishita says she has to prepare for Navratri puja. Raman asks her to rest. Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi also ask her to rest. Ishita says fine. Ruhi says I will take care of Ishi Maa and hugs her.

Its night, Raman wakes up by alarm and does not see Ishita by his side. He looks for her and goes out. He says why is main door open and sees Ishita sitting in compound. He goes to her and says Ishita…. She says she has not gone, she has come back. He asks who, Ishita…. She then asks why did you get me here, what are we doing here, I have strong headache, you know I m pregnant…. He gets shocked…. She says I have body ache. He takes her home and makes her rest.

He wonders what is Ishita saying, who has come back, is this…. No….

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma do arrangements for Navratri. Ruhi recalls Navratri and takes chunri for Ishita. She ties around Ishita’s forehead and blesses her. Ishita holds her head. She asks Ruhi to go, she will come when she feels well. Ruhi goes. Ishita gets headache and removes the chunri. She gets red marks on her head and gets relieved after removing Mata’s chunri. She says where did the pain go, what type of pain was this which went in one sec, I will get mad. She goes to wash her face and sees the red marks. She gets shocked and recalls Ruhi tying the chunri to her.

Mihir gets glad seeing Abhishek and welcomes him. Abhishek says he has come to talk something imp. He tells about Shagun, and says I have checked her phone records, she was feeling lonely in her last days and she spoke to Ashok a lot, did you know about this. Mihir says Shagun broke relations with Ashok, why will she call him, you continue the investigations, I also want to know why Shagun did this. Abhishek says Ashok’s name got linked with this case now. Raman does the puja and family members also do the puja. Ishita gets restless and starts screaming. Sarika hears Ishita and goes to see her. Sarika goes there and gets puzzled seeing Ishita’s state. Ishita cries and lights blink in the room. The family does the puja. Sarika asks what happened to you. Ishita holds her hand and says stop it. She pushes Sarika and Sarika falls on the couch. Sarika tries to run and door gets locked.

Sarika is in living room at night and sees some shadow. She gets tensed and asks who is there. Ishita comes to her and says Sarika……

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