Meri Aashiqui Tum se Hi 19th October 2015 Written Episode

Nimisha and Raavan come to the hotel. Nimisha asks a guard to call Ranveer outside, as they have something important to say to him. Milan goes out as it was dark and everyone was restless. Milan was leaving, the guard tells him that his uncle Ravan wants to meet him. The wedding planner Nimisha is also there. Milan says alright, he must keep them there. He was leaving, Ishaani calls him. Milan turns and says he doesn’t want the wedding to delay, he is going to check the problem. Ishaani says ok and takes a seat.
Ranveer stops auto on the road. He thinks Ishaani, I am coming. Milan comes out and hears Nimisha, Nimisha tells him that she was wrong, she blamed him for his duplicate Milan who hates him, he is planning something big against him. Raavan says he tried to tell him about it a lot of time, this Milan is a crazy man, he wants to snatch his position, life and everything. Milan was enraged, he asks what he is saying and doesn’t believe. He says everything that has been happening to him is because of him. What enemity he has with him. Milan says right now, they need to tell this reality to the house men. Milan says it isn’t right to tell his family about it, that old man (baba) won’t be able to bear it. Ishaani is waiting on the stage and he will alert the security about it. Raavan says Milan is really dangerous, they must alert the security. Ishaani thinks this isn’t right, why hasn’t Ranveer come yet. Nimisha and Ravan takes Milan inside.
Ranveer couldn’t find a transport, he thinks about Ishaani’s fears.
Milan takes Raavan aside, he tells Raavan to go to his study and he will bring Maa and Baba there. He doesn’t want any fear on his parent’s face today. He goes to drop them there. I
Ishaani was worried about Ranveer. She asks Disha for her mobile. Ranveer’s mobile rang at the shop. The actors were worried that it’s about Milan-the villain. They must tell him about it. Ishaani is worried that Ranveer isn’t picking the call up. Ritesh tells everyone there is a big power breakage. There is no electricity at a very large area.
Milan gets Rasvan and Nimisha in the study. Raavan says he will go with him but Milan says what if that Milan is there. And Milan did so much to him, he did so badly to Nimisha, he even tied him into a room. He is really dangerous, Milan-the villain. Nimisha thinks that Ranveer doesn’t know this all that Milan does, so this is Milan himself. Milan’s phone rings, Nimisha puts in an injection on Milan’s neck to get him unconscious. She tells Raavan that his doctor had given her this injection, he will remain unconscious for a while, and they must find Ranveer right now.
Raavan crosses the room, while Nimisha drags Milan in the study and shuts the door from inside. Parul was coming to the study. Nimisha had heard herself and Milan behind the sofa.
Ishaani is worried why Parul hasn’t arrived. Baa says she knows Ranveer, he must be coming and goes to see him. Ishaani prays that nothing should get wrong. Nimisha looks into the study drawers and find a rope. She ties Milan’s hands and legs behind him.
Ranveer got a lift by the young biker, he thanks him and wonders why is it so dark. He asks the guard who tells him whole area’s light has gone out. Raavan meets Ranveer, RV tells him someone kidnapped him. Raavan says he has to talk to him as well, but right now he has to get married. Sharman comes there, he asks Ranveer why he left the wedding pooja, Ishaani is so anxious about him. Ranveer tells him to go and asks Raavan what this is all about. Raavan says this is a long story, but right now he must not let his wedding stop. Chaitali brings Ishaani to stage. Ranveer comes to the door and watches her worried. He wonders why this happens to them only, problems come between them whenever they are going to get united. He remembers holding her hand and his promise. He thinks he will fulfill his promise.
Milan wakes up and finds himself tied with rope. He struggles and sits up. He thinks no one can ruin his plan, Ishaani will only marry him and he will be Ranveer Vaghela.

PRECAP: Milan pushes Nimisha from upstairs corridor into the middle of the hall. Everyone, including Ranveer is shocked to see her lie there. Milan is curt.

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