Tere Sheher Mein 19th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tilak coming to Amaya’s house. He touches the door and makes a heart on it. He says he has given her his heart and now she is safe in his heart, if she opens his secret, then his heart will break. He says he will then have to kill her. Its morning, Amaya and Rama, along with family do inauguration of a small rented workshop. Gupta says he knows Rama has given his name. Sumitra says she knows its her name on board. Rama asks Sumitra to raise curtain. Sumitra happily does so and they all see Rishi Mathur’s name. Amaya smiles and looks at Rama. She happily cries.

Bua asks Rama to read name. Gupta says Rishi Mathur. Sumitra asks why. Rama says Amaya has done all the work, its her hardwork, so its her dad’s name. Sumitra gets annoyed. Rama asks Amaya to break coconut. Amaya breaks coconut and opens the door of the workshop. Rama says I will show the place, come.

Amaya makes Rama have sweets and thanks him. She says you care for me a lot. He makes her have sweets. Rama recalls Sneha’s anger on Amaya. He thinks something is wrong, Amaya is good hearted and does good with everyone, what did she do with her mum and sisters, I m sure she will tell me when time comes. Gupta tells Rama to see order. Amaya asks Rama to go market. She will see new workers near temple. Tilak sees the lock at haveli and says I will do my work and come. Jaz comes out of her house and asks them who are they. Tilak says we have to come to deliver packet. Jaz says there is no one here, they have gone for inauguration. Tilak asks where is that workshop.

Amaya talks to people and tells about Gupta. She meets pandit and he says workers are less. Amaya recalls the handicapped beggars. Rama calls her and says I m not getting workers, don’t know what to do. She says maybe I know the solution, meet me at workplace. Rama comes there and thinks what solution she found. Sumitra asks Rama to see what Amaya did.

Rama goes there and sees Amaya talking to the handicapped beggars. They ask why is she helping them. Amaya says she wants their help. Rama thinks they are handicapped and helpless like his dad, but Amaya helped them by giving them work. Amaya tells them that some people lost confidence by being dependent, she wants to change this, she got big saree order and wants their help, they want to show world no one is burden on each other, they can work together, we will write our fate, are you all with me. They all agree. She asks them to start working, she will explain them. Rama smiles and takes them. Amaya and Rama explain them the work.

Tilak comes there and asks a man about workshop. The old man says its saree making workshop, Amaya is doing good work. Tilak says so she works here, and sees Rishi Mathur’s name. He says he has heard this name. He sees Amaya coming and hides. Amaya tells Gupta that she is going to get samples and goes. Tilak says Amaya is alone is home, what else would I wish.

Amaya gets ready and Rama asks her to get ready soon. She says yes. He says you come with me, we will leave together. Tilak enters home to keep the sarees. He says this is called fate, Amaya is alone and that letter too, and even I m here. He stops and sees the letter. He stops hearing Amaya. Rama asks Amaya to get ready soon, he will make her wear mangalsutra as she is married woman. Gupta and Sumitra come home. Gupta says packets are here, did Amaya not go till now. Sumitra says I will see. Rama makes Amaya wear jewelry. Tilak looks on and fumes. Rama makes Amaya wear mangalsutra.

Sumitra calls our Amaya and comes there. Tilak hides. Rama and Amaya leave. Tilak covers up his face and leaves. Gupta stops him and asks did he keep items well, go and rest, come for work in morning. Tilak leaves. Sumitra taunts Amaya. Rama defends Amaya and leaves with her. Gupta too talks in Amaya’s favor and Sumitra calls them Amaya’s slaves.

Amaya and Rama leave to meet client. Tilak looks on and says Tilak’s enemies ask for death from Tilak, Rama won a fighting match and snatched my choice girl, so Rama is my biggest enemy, I will settle scores.

Tilak says it will be good when Rama goes out of city and does not come back ever. The goons beat up Rama.

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