Tashan-e-Ishq 20th October 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Twinkle gives tape recorder to Leela and says i wanted to share many things with you but i couldnt, i have recorded everything in it which i couldnt tell you, please listen it later, Leela takes it from her.
Bubbly says love start from Tashan only, Tashan e ishq rocks, Manohar says to Leela that i have booked honeymoon suite for married couple, Kunj says honeymoon suite? anand jokes that he is acting like we are sending him to some jungle, Raman says i am coming with you all too as tomorrow is pag phera, kunj thinks one whole night with her? Twinkle thinks one whole night with him, anand whispers to Kunj that i have done all preparations in suite, he gives him contraceptives, Kunj is stunned, Chinki gives short clothes to Twinkle and ask her to wear it on first night, Kunj ask Manohar why cant we go with you? we decided to live with you all, Manohar says newly wed couple tries to find ways to spend time alone, he ask Twinkle to not listen Kunj much, he says car is waiting for you, Leela says to Twinkle that i know you are feeling afraid but dont worry, today is start of new life and Kunj will take care of you, give me smile, Twinkle gives her smile and thinks that Maa doesnt know i and Kunj have no feelings for each other, this is compromise marriage, we dont have love nor we are friends, we just have Tashan in common.
Twinkle and Kunj are in car, Kunj sees Twinkle’s short nighty and ask whats this? she takes is from him and ask him to pass bag, he says talk politely, he gives her bag.
Leela comes back to her home, she thinks that home is same but i am not able to enter as i know Twinkle is not waiting inside, she was life of this house, today i have become alone again, she leaves tape recorder on roof car as Usha calls her, Usha comes to her and says i wanna talk something important, Leela ask did anything was less in marriage? Usha says this marriage happened against my will, Twinkle has done many mistakes that i cant unsee them but i will give her one more chance but if she does anything which will hurt my family or my son then i wont wait to send Twinkle back to you, Leela says dont say like this, Twinkle is a kid, she does mistakes, you can scold her like a mother but dont say that you will send her back, i know Twinkle is carefree but she is ver understansding, if you will make her understand then she will always listen to you, i am also here, i will pacify her for things, she has gone to new house, give her sometime to adjust, Usha says i am not typical mother in law who will torture my daughte rin law but Twinkle should understand that she is not child anymore, she has become daughter in law now, she should change herself now, i am giving her one chance cause of you, it will be better if she changes her beahvior, she leaves, Leela thinks i have faith that Twinkle will win heart of everyone, she prays for Twinkle, Leela goes in home and doesnt take tape recorder from roof car, recorder falls on road from car’s roof

Scene 2
Twinkle is sitting in hotel lobby, she thinks that Leela must have listened recording, i have hidden such a big truth from her, dont know if she will be able to forgive me, she calls Leela, Leela takes it, Twinkle thinks she must have listened recording, she says to Leela that i am sorry, i am not a good daughter, you have bear so much because of me, Twinkle says to Leela that i know i have done mistakes, scold me but but talk to me, forgive me for everything, dont get miffed with me, Leela says stop it, forget about past, dont think about all this, you have to think about your new life, Twinkle ask if you have forgiven me? Leela says yes, dont think about past, go and spend time with Kunj, she ends call, Twinkle thinks that i knew it would be difficult for her to forgive me but she has forgiven me, i have hurt her alot but i am happy that she knows everything now.
Twinkle comes in honeymoon suite, she says that cheap Kunj must have decorated this room, i wont let him come near me specially after that night, Twinkle says to herself that i will maintain distance from that Kunj, what if he has muscles, i am Miss. Amritsar too but if he does something then i will call security and will say a monster is teasing me, she goes to freshen up, Kunj comes in room and says her bag is here but where is she? Kunj says i dont know how i will spend whole night with her in a room, i should sleep before she comes here.
Leela comes out and ask driver about tape recorder she placed on roof of car, he says its not here, Leela starts finding it on road, she thinks dont know what Twinkle had recorded in it, i shouldnt have forgiven it.

PRECAP- Twinkle says to Kunj that i am Twinkle Taneja and will remain Twinkle Taneja, i will not change my surname, Kunj says it doesnt matter what you want, you are now Twinkle Sarna, Twinkle grabs his collar, his shirt’s buttons get opened, Kunj pulls her closer, both fall on bed which is covered with rose petals, both look at each other.

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